Organic, Original, Osvomode

A few days ago, I was harping on about buying recycled vintage clothes.  Now I’m talking about 100% organic, ethical clothing by a company based in London and Rotterdam called OsvoMode.  I think this is my guilty conscience about my aerosol spraying, Nike trainer buying polluted past catching up on me! 

Anyways, when people think about ‘green’ clothing, they think hemp and smelly Jesus sandals.  Well, not these folks.  Jeanette Osterried and Thomas Voorn believes in ethical and environmentally conscious fashion and uses 100% organic fair trade fabrics in their quest but doesn’t sacrifice any style!

Here’s part of their winter/spring collection 2006.  I can’t decide whether the raggedy dolls look freaky or cute or maybe both….



Some detailed shots of the collection:

Ws06organic Ws06organic1

The collection I REALLY was in love with (and nearly trekked to Rotterdam just to buy some pieces!) was the spring summer 2005 collection.  Remember when Maria in Sound of Music made play clothes out of the old ‘drapes’ (that really confused me at the time…..could not equate drapes to curtains) – these clothes are like the same shapes except they’re not in a dodgy green floral print.  Don’t you just wanna PLAY in these clothes??

Ss051 Ss052 Ss053

Ss054 Ss055 Ss056

The lovely Jeanette also has a hand knitted range which I’m seriously thinking of purchasing – hand knitted things are very hard to find in the shops.

Jeanetteknit1 Jeanetteknit2

Lastly, when they said their clothes were organic, nobody mentioned edible!!!  The detailing on the shoes and brooches are made of rice and beans – my question is….are they organic rice and beans from Fresh & Wild (an uber chic organic food chain in London) or Tesco’s economy bulk bag pulses?  The mind boggles…..

Ricebeanshoe Ricebeanbrooch

Anna Piaggi: Fashion-ology


No, this isn’t an ode to the lovely blog by Fashionologie (though I can’t say enough how much I love her blog!).  This is in fact a memo note to everyone living/visiting London to go see the Anna Piaggi: Fashion-ology exhibiton at the Victoria & Albert Musuem if you haven’t done so already!

Anna This is the lady herself and just in case you don’t know who she is, she was editor of Vogue Italia and now styles the Doppie Pagine (Double Pages) in Vogue Italia.  From the V&A site:

Anna Piaggi is unique. She is a fashion reporter, editor,     divinor of trends, designers’ muse and self-styled icon. ‘Fashion-ology’ refers to her idiosynchratic way of looking at clothes. With her own take on scientific precision, an attitude rather than a method, she has for over 30 years told the new stories about fashion. Putting words to clothes, turning pages into shows, styling the future: this has been Anna Piaggi’s art of fashion. To see Piaggi at work is a rare glimpse into her fascinating career. London was a catalyst, and highlights from her personal archive in Milan detail her extraordinary trajectory on the world fashion stage.

Anna17_1 I won’t blah on about it too much especially since I did an extensive write up of the exhibition on Cimg0676_1 The Fashion Spot!  I will say that it’s a very worthwhile exhibiton to see with a wealth of information about this fashion maverick.  The best part of the exhibition were the outfits from her own personal wardrobe.  Her special friendship with Manolo Blahnik meant every outfit had a pair of Manolos to go with it!  I think of Manolos as a very ‘ladies do lunch’ kind of shoe but with these outfits, I now see them in a completely different light.  I also love all the Stephen Jones hats.  Hats seem to be the ‘thing’ that really sets these fashonistas apart from the rest  – Isabella Blow has Philip Treacy, Anna Piaggi has Stephen Jones!

Cimg0725 Cimg0720_1 Cimg0726

From left to right: Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe 1971 dress, Oliver Guillemin for Studio Bercot 1984 dress, Prada 1998 dress & Jean Paul Gaultier Jacket & Missoni cotton gloves (all shoes Manolo Blahnik, all hats Stephen Jones)

Cimg0723_2 Cimg0728_1 Cimg0724

From left to right: Ossie Clark 1971 dress & Angela Giovanni Grimoldi straw hat, Fendi dress, jacket, hat, shoes, bag and Teddy Bear (so cute!) 1988, Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe 1971 coat & Neiman Marcus gloves (all shoes Manolo Blahnik)

And finally….a personal list of Anna’s that has now become my life mission to achieve: 


Just call me Miss UPS

Recently, I’ve seemed to have become a second jobber as a postal servicewoman.  I have friends from USA, Canada and Hong Kong asking me to purchase stuff for them and sending it out to them.  Them lamenting about not having a Topshop pair of patent flats just really tugs my heart strings.  Having assessed that a majority of items that I feature here will be from shops in the UK who don’t ship internationally, I have decided to offer my second jobbing services as a postal worker to anyone who asks.  Instead of forking out a monthly fee for a postal forwarding address, just e-mail me if you would like to buy something from say, Topshop or Office or if there’s an item that is only available in shops here. 

Since I work in Central London and shop regularly, I might as well shop for my lovely blog-readers too.  Nobody needs to be in fashion Siberia!  Here’s how it will work (which is how I do it with my friends too):

1) You peeps email me your request.

2) I will work out shipping costs and figure out the availability of the item.  Unlike some Ebay sellers who rip people off by marking up shipping costs, I will be scanning receipts of postal costs for you guys.   

3) You guys Paypal me the money.  (Unfortunately, with my pittance junior advertising exec wage, I can’t pay for your stuff first.  You’re just gonna have to treat me like an Ebay seller!)   

4) I will buy it online or in the shop and send it onto you.  I get parcels delivered at work very promptly so I can usually send it out the day I get it. 

Any questions, please email me!  I’m doing this as a non-profit thing because I don’t like the idea of people missing out on the goodies that the British high street can offer (likewise, I have to beg my friends to buy stuff for me from Target!) 

I’m a pretty ballerina…..


I have always been a ‘flat’ shoe person really out of necessity, having been told off for towering over my friends (I’m not really that tall – 5"7/8, but I just happen to have a lot of petite friends!).  Ballet flats have really come into their own in the past couple of years.  Some people might see them as a bit of a ‘trend’ led item but to me, they should be a staunch staple in any person’s wardrobe.  The fact that they come in so many styles, patterns, finishes and even shapes (yes, there are in fact varying degrees of the roundness of the toe), that really, it would be impossible for any girl NOT to find a pair they like.   

Here are a selection of ones that I am coveting at the moment:

Ballet_flats  Mango1_1

These lovely cream and black satin ones from Mango (£40) are so elegant, you could easily wear them as evening shoes – with a long white lace gown!  They’re rather Lanvin-esque as well which is excellent if like me, the real thing is a zillion pounds away!   

Dorothy  Kg

Office Topshop

From left to right – Dark Green and Yellow flat bow pump (Dorothy Perkins £25), Patent ballet flats (KG Kurt Geiger £59 (not available anymore!), Navy felt with a red bow ballet flats (Office £24.99), Red patent ballet pumps (Topshop £28 – these are flying off the racks!)

The British high street has really come up trumps this season with all the primary colours and patent finishes!  If you’re like me, and you buy your ballet shoes by season, then get yourself a pair in primary shades with some kind of bow detail – you’ll feel like you’re 6 again (ah…that was a good age for me….good times!).

I’ve only recently seen Maloles shoes around in Liberty and Matches in London but I think Satine Boutique sell some too.  I love ooh-ing and ahh-ing over their shoes – here are a few of their flats:

Maloles  The embroidery on these ones is just so cool!  They remind me of Mary Poppins carpet bags which is a good connotation to have when you’re skipping along the street humming ‘Just a spoonful of sugar’! 

Maloles1 I used to hate square toes because they reminded me too much of that bad Miu Miu period when all they ever made were ugly square toed shoes.  But these ones look lovely and have a cool grosgrain ribbon detail (I’m big into grosgrain!). 

If you’re a risk taker, then try bidding on these Alaia straw ones with cute red grosgrain ribbon on Ebay.

There’s about a day left and it’s currently at $60!!  Sadly, they’re half a size too small for me but I have them on watch just in case in the last minute, I kid myself into thinking that I can squeeze my feet into them because they’re so lush!

Whilst I ponder what cute ballet flats I’ll be buying for spring/summer, I’ll just have to make do with the ones I have.  Currently, I’m wearing these ones quite a bit:

Ballet Silver ballet flats with a pearl ankle strap from Singapore.

Comme des Garcons x Repetto gold ballet shoes with back ruching.

Blue shiny leather ballet flats with leather toe cap from Hong Kong.

Dorothy Perkins bronze crackled leather ballet flats.