American Preppy at the All England Club


From the Wimbledon website:

London, England March 8th 2006 – The All England Club, Wimbledon, and Polo Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL) announced today a new global partnership designating Polo Ralph Lauren as the exclusive Official Outfitter of Wimbledon through 2010. With this partnership, Polo Ralph Lauren becomes the first designer in Wimbledon’s 129 year history to create and outfit all on-court officials including chair umpires, line umpires and ball persons.


Ralph Lauren:

"I have long been inspired by the rich heritage and traditions of England. I am thrilled to be partnering with the All England Club / Wimbledon and playing a major role in such a historic sporting event"

I thought this was a bizarre choice of designer when I first heard this because I think someone like Daks or Burberry would have been more fitting for the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon.  But I think Ralph Lauren has done a fine job.  He really has referenced the elegant and refined era of English tennis in the 1920’s.  Yes, they’re not green and purple, the official colours but I think navy and cream work well.  Gosh I think the umpires are actually going to outshine Serena Williams!  (let’s not forget the year of the black catsuit with gold hoop earrings!) 

But really, anything has got to be better than this right?

  Umpire2 Umpire1_2

Spring/Summer strategy

Ok, so I did say catwalk reports aren’t really gonna be my thing but I have been planning what sort of looks I’m gonna go for this spring/summer.  I’m not one of those anti-trend people who completely ignores the catwalk though I’d like to think I’m not a slave to it either. 

With a lot of tearing up, a little spray mount and a whole lotta catwalk supplements from various Vogues, I came up with a spring/summer trend board.


It’s not a shopping dictatorship just something for me to glance at once in a while and prod myself with notes like ‘Oooh yes, crisp white shirt is much needed!’  Plus it just looks so arty hanging on my wall! 

1) Nude/Blush/Pale Pink – I love this palette, it’s very soothing and refreshing after last summer’s lurid blues/oranges!

2) Lace/Crochet/Eyelet – I’m totally up for a sacharrine summer of fabrics you wore as a kid.

3)Underwear as Outerwear – Can’t say this is something novel for me because I’ve been wearing slips dresses over jeans since…….can’t even remember when!

4) Soft Metallics – I’m on the lookout for anything subtly shimmery like a matt kind of metallic.  Not really after the Christmas tree look. 

5) Florals – They’re great every summer but I’m really into the vintage Liberty/Laura Ashley prints at the moment.   

6) Shirtwaisters – If you hate dresses let the one dress you wear be a shirtwaister because they’re so easy to wear!

7) Tuxedos – The hardest look for me to pull off but I’m enamoured by this look!  It’s the ‘don’t give a s***’ cool factor that I love. 

8) Jewel Tones – These are remnants of colour from last summer but this time it’s richer and more deep hued – emeralds, dark sapphire, mustards, rich rubies.  Can’t resist shots of these colours.

9) Ruffles/Drapes – I’m a complete sucker for detailing like this so again, nothing new for me!

10) School girl – I’ve always thought the tie on a girl look was a bit Avril/faux emo but I was inspired when I saw it on the catwalk.  I would wear one with very crisp shirts and maybe a silk pencil skirt – excellent for the office!

11) Stripes and Checks – Pattern is good and anyone who has seen my outfits will know that stripes are my best friend!

12) Utility – Definitely loving these nifty details – braces and pockets on anything is good.

13) Futuristic/Space Age – I definitely want to venture into the final frontier with odd shapes and unexpected materials. 

**Update**  Click for an enlarged version – as requested by Hye Park Lover! 


Have some POP! and PUNK



If you’re a fellow Londoner, get thy body down to Selfridges because from March 10th – April 2nd, it’s the Future Punk season.  It features fashion shows, film showings, club nights and make your own punk t-shirt workshops (not really in keeping with the whole ‘anti-establishment’ thang but it’s the thought that counts I suppose….). 

The main draw for all fashionistas worth their salt will be the POP! shop launched by the too-cool-for-school biannual Pop magazine, in the lower ground floor – a mini boutique selling one-off products by a range of famous designers including Vivienne Westwood, Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier as well as labels such as Mulberry, Lavin, Fendi, and Chloé.  Not sure how Chloe/Mulberry ties in to the whole punk thing but just look at these Dorothy-gone-candy glitter Miu Miu shoes that are exclusive to POP!:

Pop’s editor-in-chief Katie Grand said

“Pop Shop is a completely unique departure for a magazine and reflects the magazine’s continued determination to offer fashion-focused readers something new, exciting and forward-thinking.”

I will definitley POP along (did you get that?  Wasn’t that just the smartest thing ever?) and perhaps make a little purchase or gawk at this not-so-authentic (as with most Selfridges’ attempts at cultural permeation) punk display. 

The bubble has arrived….

Well, after much deliberation, I have finally ventured into the mystical and magical world of blogging.  Yes, after secretly consuming other people’s blogs (Fashionologie and La Coquette – you have been my blog inspirations!) for a good few years, now I too feel like I have something to contribute (express/vent out would be a better way of putting it!) 

Except here’s the tricky part (now read carefully!).  I am not a fashion insider, I don’t work in the business, I am not an avid WWD reader so I’m not going to be handing out fashion scoop and catwalk pics like most other blogs.  Instead, I’m going to be offering what I have now termed my fashion titbits (nothing to do with the mammary area). 

A vast majority of my waking moments goes toward either a) reading about, b) consuming, c) admiring, d) concocting fashion.  However, I also have peculiar/particular tastes/opinions – hence why this blog will be grossly personal.  There may only be 0.001% of blog readers remotely interested in my take on vintage hats and Art Deco palaces but as the cliche goes – I can only write what I know/love.  Namely, the following:

1) Going to Oxfam and finding a skirt for 30p and then going home and sewing it to a t-shirt to make a dress.

2) Reading biographies on 30’s English aristocrats and dreaming of sipping tea at Fortnums wearing a cloche hat and white gloves.

3) Trying to furiously plan a weekend in Antwerp whilst risking getting fired, for an exhibiton at Mode Natie. 

Excited? Vaguely curious? Itching to read forthcoming posts?  (Gosh, and the ego has begun…..)  If you are, great to know that the 0.001% exists!  Let’s celebrate with a song….

Psapp – Cosy in the Rocket (many of you may know it from the show Grey’s Anatomy)