Painting the Pink Skies


Speaking of All of the Above, they helped me complete my pink sky vision which was first prompted by Jil Sander’s SS08 collection.  All that sheer goodness has been knocking about in my head and I’m determined to play it out to the end despite the arrival of autumn collections already. 

So with my purchases of the All of Above sheer mesh navy t-shirt and dress and with some sheer blue Falke tights over some fuschia leggings, I got the effect of the sort of sky that I’d like to see this summer (it’s gotten to that orangey pink but not quite at that pink-blue stage…). 


I also ended up having some fun with a sheer pink cape which I had forgotten about (that would be the sloppy wardrobe makign me misplace things…)…



Now I just need to find that sky in real life…

Yes, all of the above please…


If All of the Above’s video teaser of their summer 2008 collection (that would be an Aussie summer) didn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps the lookbook images might.  Though the video does give a better indication of what all those zips are capable of in all its shape-shifting glory, it is nice to see all the individual looks and to confirm that yes, I will be taking ALL OF THE ABOVE (ok, that’s a lie…I’ll take some of it…. it’s not expensive stuff either so I’ll be waiting for the collection to hit the online store in August…).   



Where did the sloppy come from?


For those of you that love leaving comments/sending me emails about my sloppy style, I can present you an explanation as to why that is.  The ugly truth is that I’m living in a shambolic and sloppy mess with the way that I organise my clothes.  It’s not so much ‘organise’ as trying to cram everything I have all into a limited space with all the strength that I have.  This involves hanging about ten things on one hanger, rolling and scrunching things up to squeeze into a tiny space, stuffing things into drawers that won’t close, using several suitcases to hold things, heaving bags littered everywhere, cardboard boxes full of tights/leggings/slips and just general mess mess mess…

Why the jumble?  The place where I’m living now was supposed to be a transition period.  This transition having lasted well over a year now and I still don’t really have the time/energy to get it into shape.  Still, I see light as I will FINALLY be moving out and in with the boyf to a haven somewhere….preferably with many fitted wardrobes.  The boyf and I both have plans ahoy as to how to get the best out of my numerous garments and I’m hoping something pretty-pretty will emerge from all the mess berow but all shall be revealed later when I find said haven. 

For the next month or so I shall also be doing something that I’ve rarely done before which is ‘cleaning out my wardrobe’.  Yes this concept is a ritual for some but alien to me.  I’m a hoarder.  You ask me to throw away something and you’ll get a  terror-stricken expression on my face.  Parting is difficult.  The last time I culled anything was when I left student halls in 2003 and I still get pangs about a certain something something that I donated to a charity shop.  Or when my mum chucked away some Rick Owens AW08-esque curvy wedge platform boots that I bought from Hong Kong, I’m still feeling the pain.  Nonetheless, be it via eBay or charity shop, a cull must be done… 


Wardis2 Wardis3

Wardis4 Wardis5

Betty and Loulou


Yslmuses The Steve is away so I got to spend the evening with Yves instead, watching the Yves Saint Laurent documentaries ‘His Life and Times’ and ‘5 Avenue Marceau 75116 Paris‘ back to back and then re-reading The Beautiful Fall (tea stains a-plenty in this well thumbed book…).  My favourite bits in the books are when the encounters with Yves’ various muses are recalled, with Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falaise and the descriptions of Loulou are particularly vivid which has propelled me into an afternoon of spending some time with Yves’ muses…

I’ve never been one to channel other people’s looks so it’s more like playing around with the spirit and the two bi-polar styles that Betty and Loulou represented to Monsieur Saint Laurent and the different things they managed to coax out of him and inspire him to draw…

Betty Catroux: Androgynous, angula, skinny-hipped, invariably in black and liked her leather.  She also sported the deviant schoolgirl look with high black socks, black mini and big belts slung on the hips.  Her thin pencil stroke of a figure matched Yves’ then-lithe slip of a figure and they feeded off each other’s taste in the ‘louche’. 


(Alexander McQueen black satin cape, Lanvin tuxedo jacket, vintage black matt sequin skirt worn as top, Preen leather panelled troousers, Sam Edelman boots with plastic chains worn around the boots)

Loulou de la Falaise: Hippy-ish, electric and exhuberant in manner and in dress.  She turned sarongs and saris into various outfits with the use of a safety pin, made cardboard and glitter star and moon accessories for her wedding outfit and took silver napkin holders to wear as bracelets.  Yves relied on her gaiety enormously. 


(Poltock & Walsh ruffled halterneck, Johnny Loves Rosie bow hat worn around the neck, tierred print dress from Hong Kong, fuschia pink tights, Pierre Hardy x Louise Goldin ankle boots)