Man and Bow


What is a girl to do with such an oversized bow on her head?  So yes, the Johnny Loves Rosie bow is parked up on la tete and whilst it would be so easy to wear something equally  girly along with the bow, I couldn’t resist delving into the boyf’s wardrobe again (it’s grown again since I last road tested his clothes…).  The bow seems to sit well with the slightly oversized clothes.  I say slightly because the boyf likes his things quite fitted and they can’t really compete with the oversized quality of the bow.  Every time I rummage through the boyf’s wardrobe, it always surprises me how easy it is to put things together simply because it is so edited and pared down compared to mine.  Initially I do have wee thoughts about maybe changing my wardrobe approach but then those thoughts quickly disappear as I think about my Aladdin’s cave, hotch-potch, ramshackle of a wardrobe (technically my whole room is my wardrobe though so it isn’t limited to just one cuboid unit…). 

Plus, how could a pared down minimalist wardrobe house things such as a big spongy multi-coloured head bow?   


American Apparel navy bomber jacket, People’s Market Trousers, Salvatore Ferragmo black bow pumps


Hurwundeki blue and white striped polo shirt, Unconditional grey wool wrap-front trousers, Topshop sandals


Hurwundeki gingham shirt, Uniqlo grey ribbed jumper worn as skirt, Topshop grey ankle boots


Handmade in England sheer white shirt, black and white stripey tee, vintage black baggy trousers, Salvatore Ferragamo black bow pumps, Marc Jacobs belt


Navy polka dot polo shirt, Uniqlo red skinny jeans, vintage polka dot scarf, Topshop sandals


Comme des Garcons black blazer, Givenchy white shirt, Omar Kashoura black oversized cardi worn as skirt

Are you Arles-ing?


Are any of you doing the Arles Photography Festival (Rencontres D’Arles Photographie) from 8th to 12th July?  Nope, not me I’m afraid as much as I’d like to swan around Southern France and bathe in some sunshine whilst peering at photographs.  This year, the guest curator of the festival is Christian Lacroix and he’s picked a stunning set of guests to exhibit at the festival along with other fashion-worthy exhibitions all themed around ‘Photographing Clothes’ with titles that make me want to book a random flight to  N√Æmes-Arles-Camargue for that week pronto; ‘Model Registration Photographs’, ‘The still life at Vogue’, ‘Fashion Publishing: look books & collection catalogues’, ‘Photographer of Fashion Shows: Guy Marineau’, ‘Clothes in Motion’, ‘From the street to the blog’….. yup all of those exhibitions that would give me so much fashion fodder to think about my head might explode.  Painful stuff to miss…

Still, onwards and upwards and I’m extremely glad to have discovered Gr√©goire Alexandre’s work through the invited guests of Christian Lacroix.  Pared down spaces and clever starkness are his trademarks and he seems to utilise the setting of a photography studio well despite the seemingly monotonous image of studio shoots.  There’s also a sharp linear quality about his work that isn’t about super-imposed graphics but just a smart use of props along with a smattering of digital retouching that enhances the images perfectly.      









The Heights of Fashion Blogging?


When people send me emails and say that my blog is one of the best fashion blogs out there, I have to immediately dismiss them not out of false modesty but because…. well, my fashion blogging heights can’t possibly compare with what has happened to Bryanboy.  Let’s rewind and recount…

…Marc Jacobs held up a note backstage at his AW08-9 show saying ‘I love Bryanboy’…
…these AW08-9 Marc by Marc Jacobs ads of Cole Mohr shot by Juergen Teller were blatantly inspired by the handbag-toting, dress-wearing superstar that is Bryan Boy…
…Jacobs then sent an email to Bryan saying he will name of the Marc Jacobs AW08-9 bag after Bryanboy…
…a correspondence between Jacobs and Bryanboy ensues with DHL packages and handwritten notes from MJ himself…

…and the mind boggles…

Mjbb2 Mjbb3

Actually, it boggles to the point that my own mind starts wandering into a misty la-la land and stupidly wonders whether any humongous designer is reading this blog…

Misty wondering over… because of course, there’s only one Bryanboy and he’s fabby fab fab and only fabby fab fabbiness would result in all the above… a big congratulations to him!

Outsapop is Out


More DIY ideas a-flowing.  How did I manage to miss the DIY shenanigans of Finnish blogger Outi Pyy on her blog Outsapop?  Look on the right and see all her DIY credentials; work on Flickr, contributions to various crafty sites and tutorials on how to create what she calls ‘Trashion’.  By mixing trash and fashion, she means she’s using unwanted goods to make something good… really good… so good that the word ‘Trashion’ almost doesn’t apply as her creations are not shoddy DIY affairs.  Being the admin of Flickr group Trashionista, she also amazes me with her encouragement of ‘re-fashionining’ aka clothes customisation.  I don’t like being preached to (vegetarians could never let me eat my chicken drummers in peace…) but quite frankly, I’m happy to succumb to her not-smug-at-all ‘I made this myself’ way of life. 

For now though whilst I sit in the corner of my room holding my head in my hands and sobbing ‘Why am I not as nimble fingered in the DIY department???’, I’ve asked her to make me one of her signature zipper collars because they’re amazing…lots of zippers I tells ya.  Oh and they seem easy to hook onto a simple dress to make a halterneck type thing.  Yes, I’ve become one of those time-poor twats… I like my fast-route DIY and I’m not afraid to say it out loud goddamnit!