Core to the floor


In lieu of my muddling thoughts about my new job, (muddling in a good way…) I thought I’d retouch on some issues that though has spawned from my switching career fields into fashion, probably applies in a more universal way.So I have broken free of the work dress code. No more confusions over the ambiguities of ‘smart casual’.  No need to dress ‘appropriately’ for clients (again, the limits of ‘propriety’ – what are they?).  No need to have that emergency suit (yes, i have one and no, I’m not wearing it here…) for VIP meetings.  It was a pretty relaxed dress code as it was and I pushed the boundaries as much as possible but now, it’s a proper free country.  I could come in wearing a literal potato sack and ballet pumps if I wanted to.  How about my giant scrunchie? Or a hat or two or three….?

The fact is where I work, everyone is pretty low key.  Even the fashion team.  That ol’ chesnut about the fashion front row dressing with subtlety and the fashion students going all out and crazy at the back rows has some truth to it.  It’s something to do with the mentality that ‘Well, I’m a paid employee of this magazine and thus I’ve proven my fashion credentials so I don’t need to (literally) wear it on my sleeve.’  The fashion interns around here seem to make more of an effort which again asserts the previous two sentances.  It does make sense especially in an environment where everyone is knuckling down to proper graft (yes, it is a LOT of graft…) and really, who has the time to look like a Christmas tree decoration when you’re up against the clock with deadlines, meetings etc.

But even more of a factor that contributed to my initial ultra low-key dressing is the fact that it is a new environment, new people to make eye with and wanting to prove myself work-wise first.  So, greys, less layers, navy blues, a higher concentration of my quality designer pieces and flat Oxfords or pumps.  All of this of course is still a certain facet of my style.  I’m not JUST a walking overly layered and messy ornament as I’ve said before.  Still, it’s sort of being reluctant to kiss/hug someone when you first meet them.  In the way that it takes me time to come out of my shell, to start saying the Susie-isms that the people who know me are familiar with, my style also has to build up gradually.  A print or two has started sneaking in.  The layers/headpieces are on their way.  The pink PVC skirt has now made an appearance.  I’m getting comfortable saying things like ‘That is REALLY HID-eous!’ (pronounced ‘HID-A-OUS’) or ‘Oh-my-god-I’m-so-hungry-I-could-eat-my-imac….’.  These are the superfluous things of course.  The bigger picture is getting over the initial pleasantries and getting down to the interesting core beyond that.  So the fussier, fancy clothes will come out to play eventually  because at the end of the day, it was never my calling to be a nonchalant mag editor but rather a starry-eyed, ruffled-up, hat-wearing, asymmetric jacket, PVC leggings, glitter platforms (that is all at once by the way….) girl who likes to preach about the evils of cheese and join my thumb and index  finger together to make a circle around my eye and peer into this fashion circus.


Flick and Decide


Now I know the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony collection probably divided opinions across the board.  Love?  Hate?  Dug the shoes, hated the clothes?  Liberty print overdose?  Tight gingham pants not doing it for you?  Opinions are unsurprisingly varied but perhaps a look at the latest photobook curated by Chloe and shot by Mark Borthwick that has resulted from the collection might sway the naysayers?  Or not… the opinion remains staunchly negative.  So just enjoy flicking through this fun photobook that is split in half so you can mix and match Chloe’s upper/lower half with a  whole bunch of things.  It also includes transparencies and illustrations by artists such as Marika Thunder and Rita Ackerman if the clothes are really REALLY turning you off.





It’s a non sticky cupcake collection


Israel gets its first mention on Style Bubble (I verified that with Google..) and if i’m honest, were it not for the fact that Iluchka had linked to me through her site, I’d never have known about the store in Tel Aviv, opened up by Ilana Bronstein.  Heavy dosages of prettiness and what I have now termed ‘Lulaism’ (after the mag of course…) can be worrying.  Stuck in a particular design vernacular and how can you develop and move forward (Erin Fetherston illustrating this perfectly….)?  That isn’t the case with Iluchka even if at first site, the pretty pretty frocks, the pastel colours and her latest SS08 collection is called…’Fairy Tale’.  Fairy fair enough… there are aspects of what you would expect…. pale pinks, sheer fabrics, ruffles but added to that expected formula are tiny influences from Russian folkloric costumes and designs with a bit of a kick behind them.  I also love the way she presents her collectionas online as a multimedia experience and it’s a joy looking back at her past collections.

Oh, and I’m now thinking that if you combed the whole world  over, every single city/small town has its own fashion hub going on that is worth investigating… gives me much food for thought for my future travel plans… 









Drink some coffee, read a mag and get a USB stick…



You know how it goes.  Just walked into Borders to grab a stash of magazine to take into Starbucks (browsing is for free ppl…).  Black Americano in one hand, magazine in the other, cute little USB stick attached to it……

Ok, so the last part doesn’t quite fit but the latest issue of Amelia’s Magazine does indeed come with a cute ickle USB stick.  Amelia’s Magazine has always been fairly generous with their magazine freebies; Tatty Devine necklaces, exclusive 7 inch discs by Pete Doherty, cute notbook and smelly felt tip pens.  Buying an issue feels more like you’re gifting yourself with an hours worth of fun that is best enjoyed at home with a cup of tea and Johanna Newsom in the background, and perhaps that’s probably why Amelia’s doesn’t quite fit in my Starbucks/Borders flicking session.  It could have easily been a naff giveaway.  I used to walk around boring media tradeshows and every stall would be handing out branded USB sticks.  Oh the originality of it all.  But this one is a bit of a gem because it also comes with 22 tracks selected by Amelia’s, by artists that have been featured in the new issue.  A nice touch to add and if there was a chart of magazine freebies, I think this gets the number one spot (with the Elle Celia Birtwell illustrated beige tote coming a close second….such a useful thing despite being completely ubiquitous…).    



Still, if the limited run of the USB sticks run out, it’s still a properly packed mag with the kind of fashion that isn’t grossly unattainable or oblique.   



Also, the artist John Dahlsen gets an Amelia’s big up and I’ve been fascinated by his website ever since….