Why you so cagey?


*Cue biggest evil laugh ever* Wuhahahahaha!  Angie Montreal is collaborating with me to co-ordinate the mass world domination of the cage skirt.  Behold, as she offers the cage skirt on her Etsy in black, heather grey, brown, floral and possibly more.  It can be any length you want.  You can have studs, pearls or nothing at all.  The zippers can be metal or plastic.  Oh and there are buttons galore as she has many many options.  Have a wee Etsy convo with her and groovy magic could happen.  In the meantime, I’m going to get up to some renegade tricks and start hanging up some cage skirts sneakily in Topshop Oxford Circus Cheap Date style…

Get caged, people, get caged…


All of the above?


I’m starting to think some labels could do with releasing video trailers before their collection is fully revealed as a way of enticing customers.  Take All of the Above, a four-person collective based in Melbourne, Australia who operate a retail, gallery and studio space.    For their SS08 collection (that’s the collection that would go in place of our AW08-9 Northern Hemisphere collection…) of their in-house label Above, they have done a cute ickle video snippet.  I see zips.  I see zips that aren’t just placed haphazardly and actually have a function to them.   I see  garments transforming into different things. 

Oh, and I also see from their current AW08 collection that the prices are not at all exorbitant.  In fact, in a flash, I bought this sheer mesh t-shirt for AUD65 for useful layering purposes.


I was also tempted by the matching sheer dress too but seeing as I have something similar, I’ll limit my sheer intake for now…


So, when the SS08 collection hits the store at the end of August, I’ll be there, waiting for some multiple zip action…

Oh Marie…


MariehelvBleary eyed, haven’t taken two sips of my coffee yet and I’m sitting down at my desk.  Not many people are in yet.  Marie Helvin, elegant and subtle, in white trousers and a crisp blue shirt walks in and declares ‘I have no idea where i am…’.  I feel the same way sometimes, Marie.  She’s being shot in Rankin studios as we speak.

Just one of the wee shocks that once again jolts me into realisation that I no longer work in digital media and am now working in a fashion environment.  I fess’ up.  The fashion outsider slant that I initially carved Style Bubble out of no longer applies.  Standing on the periphery might be a better way of putting things.  Whilst my working environment has changed to fashion, the ‘outsider’ aspect will probably always apply because rather than wanting to fully integrate, retaining a wide-eyed view might just help me get me through the days. 

Oh, and a daily view of the covers is another nice realisation too…


Double Dutch


Vr1 I may have missed the opening night but a spectacular Viktor & Rolf dolls’ house will remain on exhibit until September and from these surreal yet wonderful images that Kate Rodgers shot for a special Dazed Digital feature (*nudge nudge wink wink*), I will make it my mission to see it all for myself even if I am slightly freaked out by the dolls’ faces.

Question, is replicating the contents of all of one’s wardrobe into miniature doll size version and then housing them in a doll’s house and dressing dolls in said outfits a supremely far fetched idea for a wardrobe memory jogging system?  For example, glancing at a doll in the house and then thinking to oneself ‘Oh yeah… I have that in my wardrobe!’.

Ok, just a crazy post 18.30 brain-frazzled idea of mine then…