Dahlia Darling!



I quite like it when boutiques leave trails of cute communication behind.  Dahlia, an uber-girly label that makes sweet and inoffensive dresses, again making a name for itself by being stocked in the ‘Bazaar’ section of Topshop Oxford Circus was residing in a store in Kingly Court but will be moving to 8 Fouberts Place where they’re currently decorating and the things that caught my eye were their tacked up spreads from Above, Let Them Eat Cake and various Japanese fashion magazines as a way of saying ‘Come back in a while for cutey, girly goodness…’

Their SS08 stuff is like I said completely harmless, pretty, cute.  Not to say that it’s bland but it isn’t 100% my cup of tea.  Still, cutesy dresses in a wee little store that promises to be decked out in girly paraphernalia… you can’t really grumble…


Now you see them, now you don’t…


Vrlashr The Viktor & Rolf x Shu Uemura paper clip lashes simply had to be done and in the end I justified the purchase to myself with the simple fact that I hadn’t bought myself new cosmetics in 2008 AT ALL (I kid you not… I just don’t wear the stuff… simple as that…) and also because the Shu Uemura lady said that they would fit the lashes onto you for free as many times as you want.  Well, that’s the sort of ‘dumb-down-false-lashes’ tutorial that I just could nto turn down.

The box was such a big and hollow one that I was thinking the bulk of the money may have gone into the packaging but looking closely at the lashes…well they are a bit of a sculptural feat so they don’t feel so terribly unreasonably priced.  I also found them a hell of a lot easier applying them than the normal finickety ‘individual’ lashes which fash mags often like to encourage us to daintily apply to the outer corners of the eyes.   They are a simple strip that sturdily attached itself to above my natural lashline and they felt like they’d stay put too.

Lashon The funny thing is that with my heavy fringe (which I’ve just had trimmed and there’s no way this blunt baby is getting scraped back…) from the front, you can hardly see the lashes as they blend into my hair.  But a turn to the side and there they are…black wiry lashes looping out in an extraordinary way.  I guess I like that chameleon quality about them.  The Shu Uemura lady immediately asked ‘Are you wearing them for a special event?’ when I enquired about the lashes, as if to imply that these are not for everyday wear only but on my sans make-up face and with my fringe, these wouldn’t look too out of place out for the casual nights out, gigs, pubs etc.  However…playing them up for the odd occasion would also be a hell of a lot of fun and for now it’s just a matter of picking the date, the place to set the paper clip lashes out there…say, the Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican exhibition opening party next Tuesday?  Gosh, I hope I don’t get into a paper clip lash tangle with a whole army of girls with the same idea in mind… 

Lash1 Lash2


Lash4 Lash5

Deets Complete…


Mlb Today I think I proved to myself that it pays off to keep up with the fashion grads for the benefit of personal style.  Last weekend, one of the deets that I picked up at the La Cambre class of 2008 in Brussels were the skinny floral pants that I saw in the menswear collection of Mansour Badjoko Wa Lileko.  It was one of my favourite collections for the reason that he was doing something quite fresh for menswear.  For selfish reasons though, I did end up craving a pair of skinny floral pants.

So today, I lucked out at the Concrete relocation sale with these Sophia Malig mixed floral print velour leggings.  I think velour and mixed print should be pretty horrific and off-putting for most people but I just conjured visions of pairing it up with a hefty bit of grey and sharp shirts a la Mansour’s collection ‘Neat and Tight’.  Malig is a designer that was a LFW regular a few years back so it was also nice to find an old bit of her stuff in the sale. 


Chunky Casadei


I’ve never been one to shy away from old school Italian labels.  Obsession with Salvatore Ferragamo was instilled in me early on in life and it will probably be something that stays with me.  Discussing label revival with a friend, he said that given to the right people, any label could be made beautiful and ‘hip’.  So, I’m eager to find out who’s behind the AW08-9 collection at Italian shoe label Casadei (you’d be forgiven for not being familiar with the name… but their site has a wonderful history page…).

I mean there is some SERIOUS chunky platform action going on here.  I don’t mean to say chunky in that they’re awkward but that they just look so appealing to walk in because you know there’s a good bit of sturdiness going on beneath your feet.  Then there’s the elastic and patent detailing going on in the boots which are wintry shoe essentials.  Oh, and the colours… well… one of each please.  Yes, even the forest green loafer style is appealing.