Finding Cages Again


Cageskirt1 I’ve run into a streak of luck recently.  The computer which I thought was broken for good is fixed.  The shoes which in my head were wrecked have suddenly re-appeared immaculate again.  Oh, and the skirt that I had chucked away has miraculously re-appeared again.  Remember THAT certain skirt which I stupidly and shamefully chucked away…?  No, the dustmen of Westminster did not magically think that a Miss Bubble might have done a boo boo and chucked away a skirt and thus returned it.  Instead, Angie, the maker of my wonderful floaty cagey dress couldn’t help but take pity on me and make me a caged skirt.  On her little note which arrived with the skirt (aren’t surprise packages at the office are the BEST ever…?), she stated it was the fabric that meant she couldn’t resist knocking up the caged affair.

Rightly so as it’s deliciously and robustly floral if that makes any sense.  It’s the perfect length and having played with it a few times, ideas are reeling already.  I’m going all out with the cages…

Cageskirt2 Cageskirt3

Fairytales get Accessorised


I always look forward to getting my regular emails from Przemek Sobocki informing me of his work because a) I genuinely am a fan of his work and b) it makes me happy that he’s getting more and more page space.  His latest work for Common Sense magazine spans 32 pages.  Hefty stuff for an illustrator.  Yes it is all SS08 stuff but it’s still okay to indulge especially when the sales are beckoning (or have already started?) and some of this stuff might be in my grasp.  Based on female fantasies, fairytales, heroines and fictional characters, Sobocki has created a bit of an eye-feast, using the expected and the unexpected…

So we have the familiar fairy tales… Little Red Riding Hood (Blugirl) // Princess and the Pea (Moschino)   

Csff2 Csff1_2

We are bigging up the Disney… Pocahontas (Bottega Veneta) // Mulan (Fendi)

Csfdis1 Csfdis2

Films get a look-in with Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (Prada)


Modern characters also get some lovin’….Catwoman (Gucci)


Historical characters such as Cleopatra (Paula Ka) and Marie Antoinette (Lanvin)

Csfhis1 Csfhis2

Joan of Arc with a lot of Chanel sports gear


Then Sobocki goes a bit more specific with Audrey Hepburn characters like Princess Ann from Roman Holiday (Balenciaga) and Sabrina (Givenchy…naturally…)

Csfaud1 Csfaud2

It even goes a little obscure with Hiyao Miyazaki film characters like Mononoke (Nina Ricci) and Nausicaa (Diesel)

Csfmi1 Csfmi2

My favourite though is Ophelia (Miu Miu)…


and Thumbelina sitting beneath Sergio Rossi shoes…not because of Thumbelina but because the shoes are beauticious…


Shot a la Newton



(©The Helmut Newton Estate / Maconochie Photography: this is a condition of reproduction

My job now involves hogging the Helmut Newton Machine at Topshop Oxford Circus for an hour playing around with a rail of Topshop stuff, working with some cool guys and gals before it opened to the public.  Me likey!  Especially when the concept of it is so very very simple yet forward thinking in the 1970’s era of Helmut Newton when setting up a mirror, a self timer, a shutter release was considered a magical ‘machine’.  Very clever of those Topshop folks indeed to recreate this machine in a cornered off area in the store and gussy it up with a Nars make-up counter and a rail of Topshop stuff (think bows, cocktail hats….hence all the hat shots in today’s gallery…) for you ppl to rifle through to style yourselves with. 

But quick quick, it’s in London until the 15th and then moves to Manchester from the 17th until the 22nd… the machine shoots fast and moves rapidly too…



Ho ho ho…


I had to laugh out loud when I saw this picture courtesy of Pierre Debuscherre.  Front row of poised Isabelle Aout, studio director of Martin Margiela working the ripped jeans fantastically, Jean Paul Gaultier chatting away, Lucas Ossendrijver and his elongated frame and an overall epitome of top notch menswear dressing me thinks… and me staring up into…. I don’t know what….

Oh the cringe, the cringe…

Thanks Pierre for capturing that thought in my head which was saying ‘Err…. what is going on dude?’