Finding Purple


I must say, it is rather shaming that it wasn’t until I landed in Stockholm that the name Carin Wester was even known to me and I learnt a whole host of other labels too.  Lesson learnt.  The interweb isn’t everything and I can’t know about everything under the sun by sitting in my London hovel… let’s just say a lot of travelling will be done over the year to further enhance my fashion sponging skills…

But back to Carin Wester, it took the lookbook for the SS08 ‘The Purple of Mogador’ collection to really impel me to say that the collection is a beauty.  Mogador is both the Morrocan city and a reference to the black alchemist Amogador who set out to create the colour that is purple (goddamnit, why did I think it was just a simple case of red and blue mixed together…).  The city acts as a melting point for both North African and Western influences and very subtly (thankfully so), that same fusion is seen in Wester’s collection.  Linens and silks that are essential in extreme heat are used in familiar cardigans and hoodies.  The loose fit is key and prints are used sparingly and effectively, especially in the case of the floral dress which has a beautiful (but grudgingly ‘sexy’) back. 


The menswear blurs a bit with the womenswear and the two mesh well together…


Listening to Susie Bubble Stutter



>> Will any Londoners have a slot free in their Thursday evening schedules?  Hmm… perhaps not but if you are about the Regent Street area, do pop into the Apple Store and hear Guy Hipwell, founder and editor of and Elliot Sainsbury, their brilliant blogger and also my humble self give a presentation about ….surprise surprise… ‘Fashion on the Internet’.  How do we source info?  What the heck is this blogging malarky all about?  All that me going ‘Umm…errr… well…this is my blog…. and err… do you like Chupa Chups?’ 

Fun and games…all fun and games…

It’s on at 7pm, Thurs 8th at the Regent Street Apple Store if you’re at all interested…   

Pinky Givenchy



(Pic from Fabsugar)

I REALLY don’t normally put up celeb pics up but you had to make an exception for me for the Met Costume Institute Ball right?  Frankly, all in all, I was underwhelmed with the turnout considering there is ‘costume’ and ‘ball’ in the title of the event and the theme is freakin’ ‘Superheroes’.   Alas no masks, capes or skintight bodysuits/catsuits to be found but Christina Ricci trumped it for me in a dare I say uncharacteristic coral and pink Givenchy gown.  *Slaps wrist* for suggesting that Mr Riccardo Tisci was all about the black in my commentary on the Hyeres competition as he has dealt with two possibly quite difficult colours superbly, made a long length drape beautifully and worked in interesting detailing.  Definitely also picking out a slightly Wonder Woman sillhouette going on in the bodice which is thankful because I’m really thinking some people forgot about the theme entirely…

Squaring the Florals


How to make florals appealing to those who hate anything remotely garden-related.  Square them up into a pixelated pattern and put it onto an Alice McCall designed dress or put them on subtle buttons on a high waisted skirt.  As some of you now, Alice McCall will be launching a Topshop collaboration (I’m thinking by the end of the year, I’d be hard pressed to find someone who HASN’T done a collection for that store…) and it will hit stores and online on 12th May. 

A mid-price designer like Alice McCall is actually precisely the sort of designers that would do the high-low collaboration very well because as demonstrated by this collection, it’s an easy transition to make, producing her mainline wares to producing for a high street, and that’s probably reflected in the pricing which are all normal Topshop prices as opposed to past Topshop designer collaborations which have been noticeably more expensive.

More of the same please, more of the same…