Oh…it was the Mi-Zo that made the Scholls


Remember how I was marvelling how I could be floored by an ad featuring some Scholl shoes designed by Diego Dolcini.  Well I can now breathe a sigh of relief that a big part of the reason why I was floored was down to the fact that Zoren Gold and Minori aka Mi-Zo shot the campaign images.  In the early days of Style Bubble when I didn’t ramble on half as much as I do now, Mi-Zo got the thumbs up from me and it seems their work has just been revved up to a whole new super level.  The composition, the styling, the angles created all cast such a favourable light over the shoes that it again prompted the search for more info on these Diego Dolcini creations for Scholl. 


The search yielded results and of course an official site for the collaboration is up and running now and the full collection available to see online.  The perspex wedges are still fascinating me but the clunky red wedges are also making me curious… with pale blue knee high socks and a silvery floaty dress…hmm…yes…yes…


No sign of them in the stark reality of shoe stores yet but staring at the images a few more times might just prompt me to do an embarrassing call to the Italian distributor and ask in poor Italian (by ‘poor’, I mean I only know music-related terms…thank you grade 8 music theory…) where can I find these shoes….? 

The Radness of Rad



I rarely get intimidated by labels in the way that some people might say so-and-so is not wearable or they’re too niche.  Those that push the boundaries and go for the risque will eternally intrigue me.  However, there are those that have a ‘cool air’ about them that will make me think ‘Oooh-er….me thinks I’m just not cool enough for this…’.  Rad Hourani is one of those designers.  Of course, the fact that Rad’s work had the ‘cool’ is no bad thing.  His AW08-9 collection (shown in New York) which like his debut SS08 one in Paris shows that he is intent on sticking to a signature and being forceful with it.  It’s an aesthetic that isn’t going to be everyone’s taste but having Rad Hourani isn’t an ‘everyman’s’ sort of designer.  Leather, a strict palette, skinny legs, volume that is not for frou-frou purposes but for creating sharp shapes and fine detailing.    

Immediately, certain bloggers come to mind but niche style aside, for the schizophrenic stylees such as myself, I’d be eager to take apart the very specific silhouettes that Rad has beautifully created and translate the pieces into something that is a little less ‘cool’… only coz I never had the ‘cool’ to begin with…            


Incoming Intense Imagery!


The red hives on the neck did start to appear on my neck as I realise that it’s been a day or so since posting and a fair few days since reading other blogs.  I’m slapping the calamine lotion on but meanwhile whilst I have some spare time and I’ve hacked into some free Wi-Fi at Toulon airport, I simply had to post these images that I took from the Melvin Sokolsky exhibition at the Villa Noailles as part of the Hyeres festival (though the exhibitions are on until 1st June if you’re ever around the South of France…).  In person, Sokolsky seemed modest, gentle and actually, it was hard to imagine this quiet unassuming man, taking photographs with such richness, depth and resonating lasting impact.

Quite simply, I was floored when I saw the exhibition, where the photographs were arranged so that you had to crane your neck to see everything as they were hung so high up.  Some dramatic neckache and flooring is a small price to pay when you see the extraordinary effects of the images, most of which were taken in the 1960’s, yet I wasn’t viewing them with nostalgia and with a historical context in mind but with the simple feeling that these were evocative images that are astoundingly shot.

Therefore all that needs to be said really is ‘Incoming Intense Images’ because after seeing the exhibition, there wasn’t that much that needed to be discussed or theoreticised… they are what they are…

The ‘Chairs’ series from 1963 


Mskchair2 Mskchair3


A 1964 Donna magazine cover featuring Donna Mitchell) that looks like an Edwardian high society painting.


A literal and physical ‘Style Bubble’ series of photos taken in Paris in 1963 featuring Simone d’Aillencourt   


Mskbub2 Mskbub3


Simone D’Aillencourt overlooking a labryinth in 1961…


A Jean Shrimpton image from 1964 that I’ve never seen before (who doesn’t love The Shrimp?)


Twiggy takes over New York in 1967

Msktwig1 Msktwig2

Gazing from a flower in the most recent work which was on display in the exhibition from 2001



Interesting how this 1961 two-faced image of Deborah  Dickson has a similar play of effects as the 2001 images… 


SS08-ing in Hyeres


This is rather hasty but I’m finding my time is not mine whilst I’m out here so if you can put up with the shoddiness for a few more days, that would be much appreciated.  With The Sart (need I hyperlink?  I think not…) roaming around Hyeres and an even bigger fash crowd about this year, it’s no wonder that the fash stakes have gone up.  Cafe Mode has already started to capture the best of the streetstyle here, as the lovely Geraldine is also out and about (I have a hard time asking people for their photo in English let alone in terrible French…). 

However, I will make some very quickie post-it observations…

…a stronger abundance of Topshop seeing as they have started to ship to Europe…

…lots of boyfriend lux tuxedo jackets and by lots I mean practically everyone, with navy being a strong contender to overtake black ones…

…gladiator sandals aplenty both flat and heeled, tan and black, strappy, studded, designer and not…

…ambiguous gigantic leather totes that are unassuming, practical but add a nice silhouette…

…dropped crotch trousers that taper at the ankles and are rolled up a little…

…nude satins mixed with grey jersey…

…nothing faddy like stars/stripes, ruffles or florals (well not much…)…

…and this is beginning to sound like a Grazia report…

…must stop now before I start to believe words like ‘faddy’ should be in common use in everyday language…