I want to live in a kaleidascope…


I’m literally beaming as I’m typing because I have been anticipating this accessories collection by Fred Butler, whose set styling work I’ve talked about…quite a few times in scary fangirl fashion, for SUCH a long time since she told me that she would be making the transition from set design and custom made accessories to a range that is sellable in shops.

You know when you build things up in your head to the point where disappointment could be a possibility…well thank god this isn’t the case and I very embarrassingly squealed with delight when I saw the collection.  Immediately it takes me back to times of the BBC Test Card F, Rubix cubes, Quality Street wrappers, Polly Pockets, hours of origami, Crayola crayons, Caran D”Ache pencils, spirographs and Sugas sweets.  Those are all pretty important things in my world…

The way these accessories have been shot are crucial to the way we view them really, in that they are statement pieces that need a blank canvas to back them up.  Of course, there are a few that have the panache to pull them off in OTT manner.  Sadly I’m not one of them so I’d go with them on

So we have some necklaces with multi-patterned, multicoloured dangling triangles and spheres constructed out of all manner of shapes (not sure how she got them looking vaguely spherical)…just had another nostalgic reminder there… GCSE Design & Technology classes…   

Fbneck1 Fbneck2

I love the way they are clustered up here…


Belts that are woven/origami-ed and made to perfection…  I want to wear the triangular folded one around a grey jersey dress and not much else…   


Fbbelt2 Fbbelt3

Ascot is coming up but I doubt these hats will be making an appearance, though I wish they would! 

Fbhat1 Fbhat2

This is one of Butler’s more unique garments and I’m not quite sure what to call it… a shrove?  (Cross between a shrug and a glove…).  In any case, I love the multicoloured pailettes jingling on the shoulders and arms. 

Fbglove1 Fbglove2

The peacock here has literally be dissected and Fred Butler has taken the rainbow colours to make a waistcoat.  It’s one of those things that reminds me of my H&M bit of lovable fugliness….   

Fbwaist1 Fbwaist2

The thing is about Fred Butler’s collection is that it’s not JUST about appealing to the inner child and dragging up memories but that the construction is meticulous and the things that these accessories remind people of will be different for everyone.  I’m thinking BBC Test Card F, you might be thinking something else but the point is SOMETHING joyful will be remembered.  I’m praying for a decent boutique take-up on this… or else begging Fred Butler directly for some of this joy…   

It’s a cardboard world



Michel Gondry’s ‘Science of Sleep’ surely inspired the people who came up with this concept for the new Diesel store which just stocks accessories and intimates.  The interior is constructed entirely out of different shaped cardboard boxes and are used to display the Diesel stock and brings to my the carboard city in St√©phane’s dreams.  Not to bring out the violins or anything but as a child, I didn’t really have much to play with other than cardboard boxes (gosh to be a toddler again and be really really amused by a plain cardboard box….) so this really tugs on my heart strings. 

My only worries are whether clumsy me will tear the whole store apart in a dramatic domino effect if I knock something over.  Oh and whether people who happen to be carrying some Crayola felt tip pens (as you do…) will get the urge to start scrawling on the boxes in manner of graffitied toilet doors (question, why do people love writing things like ‘I HEART YOU MICHELLE’ on the back of toilets….does said door defacer expect Michelle to turn up at that exact toilet cubicle?).





>> Just a note to say that I may be without an internet connection for a day or so whilst I’m settling into Hy√®res and roaming around town with my laptop looking for a WI-FI connection (rustic villa that I’m staying at is exactly that…..rustic…..).  There’s some timed-posts going up today (timed blogging never feels right to me…) but commenting will be scant….

Now… there better be some bloody wi-fi… or I’m getting a cheapo Ryanair flight back pronto…      

Paul Smith wants us to take a gander…



Tying in art with fashion retail is its most cynical, a ploy to lure people into stores to sneak a peek at what is a real art exhibition but of course getting some bonus sales through visitors is the sideline aim.  However, that would be a joyless way of looking at things and if Paul Smith wants us to take a wee trip to his Mayfair store on Albelmarle Street to see the first London exhibition dedicated to Gian Paolo Barbieri, the longtime Vogue photographer, I’m not going to poo poo it. 

Ok, ok, cynical jest aside, Paul Smith really does choose exceedingly good (not sure why I just likened the tone there to Mr Kipling’s cakes…) people to collaborate with on his many in-store exhibitions and I genuinely believe Mr Smith likes to showcase his art tastes and share them with everyone, whether they are prospective customers or not.  This time round, the Barbieri images below from the total of fourteen that are on display at the Paul Smith store, are quite alluring and are prompting me to make time for a Mayfair walk-about.  The shot of Angelica Huston (above left) taken in 1973 is particularly stunning and is making me want to seek out more images of the young Huston.