Alternative Fashion Week London 2006

I must be the only person interested in this but I really wanted to blog some pics from London’s Alternative Fashion Week last week.  Sadly, I didn’t get to see any of the shows but FUK has provide us with some good coverage!  It’s not for everyone I have to admit but for me, it’s just amazing to see things which aren’t particularly trend-led and are more quirky.  I don’t think the point is for these designers to make functional clothes but really push creativity to the limits.  Some people have a problems with garments purely made for the sake of art but in the right context and the right arena (such as AFW) Ithink there’s no harm in it.  Besides, some of this is actually quite wearable 


Oxford Cherwell College // Magdalene Freeman // Hannah Wood // Camilla Ruiz Ramirez


Sangeet Virk // Donatella Ciravegna // Jasper Garvida // Rachele Simms


David Matej Gojat // Roza Malecka Mruk // Judith Shin & Toki Yoo // Nicola Blood


Hackney Community College // Ricardo Ramos // Claire Sheilds and Rachel Mann // Kensington & Chelsea College


Carol Lesley Robinson and Angela Coupe // Dee Anne Markiewicz // Yael Chorev // Stevi Jelbart & Emma Sandham-King

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