Anarchy has taken over Selfridges

As I mentioned before it’s the Future Punk season at Selfridges.

I went to see for myself and Selfridges have indeed neon-ed up the whole place with Future Punk galore promotion.  The window displays are amazing….. but the shop is ridiculously cool.  Alas, I took two pictures before a security lady came storming up to me with a stern look on her face (in my defence, a silly SA had told me it was ok to take pics….)


Cimg1163 Cimg1161

Cimg1165 Cimg1166

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  1. So cool! When I was in London last summer, I was like a crazy American tourist crackhead, snapping pictures all over the place. I must have taken like 50 inside Selfridges, and just when I was taking the last one as I was leaving, a security lady told me I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures and I just replied, “Cool, no problem. I’m leaving now.” Haha. Wish I was there again!

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