There’s a silver lining in every cloud

So yesterday, the sun was shining, it was a happy happy day, great company, great food but lo and behold….. I fell victim to pick pockets and my beloved Anna Sui wallet is now probably lying in a gutter somewhere with some sad neo-print stickers and shop receipts falling out of it  (whoever stole it are suckers because I NEVER carry cash on me and they can try all they want with my credit and bank cards but HELLO!….we now live in a PIN-number controlled world!)

However, I’m not gonna bawl about it for long because it means I now have an excuse to buy a new wallet!  Now, I have already said that I’m not all that bothered about designer bags but I am prepared to shell out for a wallet because I have gone through my fair share of cheap wallets and with the amount of wear and tear I put my wallet through, I need something that smacks of quality.  At the same time though, I’m not about to buy the usual suspects like Gucci, LV, Dior, Prada, Mulberry etc. only because their designs are just…so….boring…..

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far….(not even going to contemplate going window shopping for my wallet until I get all my ATM cards back…….) 

For cool simplicity, I could plump for Comme des Garcons:

For that artsy crafty feel, London jewellery designer Lara Bohinc has some great brass plated wallets:


For some quirky bling, Miu Miu has some lovely wallets:

I know it’s a very typical HK label to choose but some of the Vivienne Westwood wallets are striking (not too keen on the usual plaid ones though…) 

Vw1 Vw2

I could revert back to Anna Sui with these uber girly selections (my original one was about the most masculine one there is so I suppose I could try the other end of the spectrum!):

Any thoughts on my dilemma? 

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  1. Hi – I’ve seen the CDG ones in Liberty and didn’t think the quality of the leather was that great. I like the Lara Bohnic and Westwood ones, esp the woven VW one.
    Sorry to hear your purse was nicked, that’s absolutely infuriating and so sad for your beloved wallet.

  2. My first “designer” wallet was the Anna Sui pink with roses one and I still love it until today. I have seen all the wallets you listed and I must say the Laura Bohnics’ are most unique looking. Very cute, reminds me of the manga “clover”.

  3. a simultaneous boo! (because your wallet was taken) and yay! (because you get to pick a new one!)
    i’ve always been a lara bohinc fan myself…

  4. why not shell out for the purple and yellow Fendi wallet with the big buckle? it’s so cute. maybe I’ll have to get one myself!

  5. Miu Miu ones are really pretty and chic, perfect for nights out or fancy parties.
    On the other hand If you need an everyday wallet i think you will get bored with all that sparkles.
    You should go for Laura Bohnic or Anna Sui if you feel more towards a feminine look, otherwise,for a simpler androgynous style I will suggest you to choose between Comme de garçon and Vivienne Westwood.

  6. You are coping with your wallet loss far better than I did with the loss of my bag! A very good way of looking at it…I do like the CDG ones, I’ve got a cream one which I’ve had for years and the leather ages really nicely.

  7. the same thing happened to me 10 days ago…with my beloved green ny edition comme des garçons wallet!! so sad thing…and of course I was carrying just like 10 euro with me…but I had loads of little things inside… 😐
    I have the same dilemma now..what wallet should I buy?

  8. Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
    I have a budget of about £150-£175….so no Fendi for me!
    I’m really quite torn and going shopping in real life will probably confuse me even more! Will keep you posted as to what I decide on!
    Valeria: That’s so sad to hear about your wallet! I’m the same…I don’t care about the cards or the cash, but I just want the wallet and my photos back!
    Let’s hope we succeed on our quest to find a new wallet….

  9. Go for the Vivienne or the Laura Bohinc.
    But then I have a little collection of quirky vintages purses, knackered designers ones passed on from my mum and cheap and colourful from friends (and sometimes TKMaxx). I keep them on rotation, never staying faithful to one for too long. I guess I am a purse ‘ho as well.

  10. Lara Bohnic is exceptional, however you could try Black Tangerine bags as I just stumbled upon their site and love the stuff.

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