Trumpet the Strumpets

Based on the turn of the century traditional men’s footwear -spats, designer Elizabeth Melinek’s take on the item has resulted in Strumpets and Stalkers – winter boots that fit in your handbag.  Basically, they can transform any shoes, heels or flats, you’re wearing into various colours of ankle, knee, calf boots.  I love the multi-functionality and cleverness of this kind of footwear.  You could literally get through winter without buying boots and just make do with a pair of black pumps and various strumpets.  I did try these on at the London Fashion Week sale and they fitted perfectly and looked damn cool, but alas, I was a little pinched for pennies.  They aren’t cheap but are beautifully crafted out of Nappa leather and there’s just something quaintly old-fashioned about them whilst being kind of sexy too.  I’d wear them with flats or the upcoming chunky clunky shoes for A/W06.  I know it is a little odd blogging about winter legwear in the summer but I think the ankle length ones or the sweet sweet chiffon ones seen in the pics below would be great for the summer too.  (In fact, I might pop along to Strumpets new Brick Lane store to enquire of their price…hopefully within my limited budget!).  Here are Elizabeth’s seven things about Strumpets:

Seven things to love about Strumpets…
1. Winter boots that fit into your handbag.
2. Dress them up or down with heels, flats or even flip flops – turning them into gorgeous boots with a sumptuous satin lining that are an experience to put on.
3. Specially sized on the calf for superior fit – choose from three sizes: Petite, Athletic and Voluptuous. Whatever your calf size, you’ll finally be able to have knee high boots with a glove-like, made-to-measure finish.
4. Cover up pasty or ‘in between waxes’ legs without having to wear thick tights. Leave toes free to breathe in the summer sun while showing off your expensive pedicure.
5. Create your own unique look. By combining your own shoes with our 30 limited edition styles, you are very unlikely to see anyone with the same boots as you.
6. Make your feet look smaller. Because Strumpets visually shorten your feet they give them a cute, mini-mouse neatness.
7. Try letting your boyfriend peel them off at the end of the night…   

They’re kind of stocked all over the place but I think if you Elizabeth herself, she will custom make a pair for you and ship it out to wherever you are!

Meanwhile, I bought a pair of much cheaper spats from a lovely Swedish woman at Spitalfields market yesterday.  The colours are all kind of earthy and sludgy but just as we’re approaching summer, I’m suddenly already thinking about winter and wanting to inject a bit of murkiness into my wardrobe.  I’m going to be wearing these over black jeans, opaque tights and all sorts of clunky footwear.  These cheaper ones have sparked a new found love for spats and I will probably upgrade to Strumpets as soon as winter comes!   

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  1. Those are incredibly cooL….
    Do you think there’s a good place to find cheap ones in Hong Kong?
    I’m going there this summer….so do you have any advice on cool places to buy cheap footwear?
    your site is awesome, by the waY! Keep up the good work!

  2. I have not seen anything like them in Hong Kong. Sure, they have tons of regular legwarmers but I think the leather ones are a little too racy for HK tastes hence why they don’t sell them.
    As for cheap footwear, there are literally hundreds of stores selling really cheap and cheerful shoes in the malls of Mong Kok and Prince Edward – I don’t know the names in English but you’re bound to find them!

  3. i love those strumpets and also tried them on at london fashion weekend – a gorgeous mid-calf length in soft bronze kidskin . . .drool.
    but by then i had caned so much money that i had to leave them . . . i intend to buy some at LFW-end in Sept, if she will be there. An investment, I think

  4. susie!
    been wanting these forever too . .
    but so damn expensive!
    post pics when you splash out! ;]
    x chanel

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