The wonders of velcro

There’s nothing worse than seeing a woman hobbling and wobbling on impossibly high heels.  Oh wait, actually there is.  That would be me, tottering and walking precariously in wedges that I *THOUGHT* were ultra comfortable but turned out to be Satan’s shoe spawn as I was running into work.  I did not want to prolong this pain any longer, so as soon as I got to Euston station, I legged it (or rather, I limped) into Accessorize and grabbed the nearest pair of flat shoes I could find, shoving my credit card at the cashier with a wincing face.  Ah, at last, shoe comfort!  However, when I got home, I realised I had a shoe conundrum – I already have MANY ballet flats and really don’t need another pair.   They are actually a nice pair of navy satin pumps with a slightly almond shaped toe and do look lovely all by themselves but it irked me that I spent some dosh on a pair of shoes that I hadn’t intended to buy in the first place! 

So I used some ribbon, leftover buttons, a nifty glue gun to make these velcro shoe stickers.  They’re derived from the shoe clip idea except I couldn’t be arsed to find the proper shoe findings and had these juvenile looking velcro spots lying around.  If needs be, I can peel off the velcro spot off the shoes.  I’m more amazed that half an hour’s work produced what appears to be five different pairs of shoes.  Takes away the guilt of my shoe emergency!

P.S. Please excuse the rather unsightly bite marks and scars on my feet.  Walking barefoot around the office is apparently not a good idea! 

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  1. genius~! loving the idea~!
    if I’m ever inspired to do the same I’ll email you the photographic results~

  2. What a clever idea–I just love it!! 😀 I’m going to have to try this out with some plain shoes I’ve got stuffed in the back of my closet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Brilliant! And it’s completely painless, unlike my harebrained idea of converting leftover clip-on earring findings into shoe clips.

  4. and here i was trying something like this with safety pins that wouldn’t stick through my shoes. velcro–genius!

  5. GREAT idea susie. Love the idea of shoe ‘stickers’. Eff, I wish all my scrap material wasn’t behind in Canada. But you’ve inspired me to get a glue gun. I love glue guns!

  6. Wow. I’m definitely not unimpressed. See, I’ve done the shoe clip thing, and I’m also a bit of a crafster myself, but it never occured to me to standardize shoe accessories by DIY-ing it with velcro. Well done! Also, good choices, your shoes look extremely cute with all the different accessories. I might have to rip off your idea!

  7. cuuuute! especially love the lace ones! I remember a similar thing with tops a while back….like velcroing words on. but this, well, it looks so very stylish!

  8. the velcro is a great idea — much more convincing than those “clips” with visible metal attaching the decoration.
    on the horrendously painful wedge front, i had a nearly identical experience. i picked up a pair of high cork wedges, thinking they would be fine, but while walking the muscles connecting the top of my foot to the front of my calf felt like they were ripping apart! does anyone know if a cobbler can reduce the height of a heel on a (non-platform) wedge shoe? i am thinking of looking into that because i loooove these shoes, but would need surgery to wear them! if anyone has tried this solution, please let me know!

  9. So cuuute! Does theese flats exist in mustard yellow? I want some musdtard flats so baad. Let me know. Xx

  10. ^I’ve seen many mustard patent and yellow ones but not many in satin. These are the closest I’ve seen
    but they have a bow on them.
    Oooh… thanks for all the comments! It’s not really ingenuity though…. I just don’t really know where to find metal findings! I’m roadtesting the shoes now to see when the stickers fall off mid-walking, so far, so good…!
    Ruth: I don’t think I’ve written about ballet shoe accessories. Ballet clothing, yes. Now I’m intrigued – accessories for ballet shoes??
    Jordi: Have you spoken to your shoe guy about the wedge problem? I should imagine it’s a lot harder to reduce a wedge if they’re non-platform because then they’d slope the other way.
    SOS: No problemo!

  11. those velcro spots also work on keeping the end of your belt from flapping when you wear it high and tight . . .

  12. ^Lesson of the week? Just stock up in velcro spots period! I get mine for 3p a pair – cheap alert!

  13. booo. shoe guy says no-can-do on the wedge-reduction. so, now i’m wearing said torturous wedges at work to break them (and my ankles) in. wish me luck!

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