Why, Living TV, why?

Today, seems to be a day of ranting for me.  Maybe it’s a Monday thing.  Well, I thought watching Britain’s Next Top Model would perk me up a bit.  Yes, it’s a guilty pleasure and yes, it’s a watered down, less hilarious version of it’s American cousin but honestly, with the TV programme drought we’re going through at the moment, I’ll take anything to pass the hours away.  Plus I like seeing what snipey comment, Paula Hamilton (80’s model, one of the judges) comes out with next as she continues to do a poor Janice Dickinson impression ("You’re getting the BFH, the Bus Fare Home!")

I had pegged Lucy Flower, the 25 year old Mac make-up artist from Sheffield, as my favourite to win despite her supposed ‘one-dimensional’ look.  I had hoped, the judges, despite the panel’s questionable fashion credentials, would take a chance on someone who I think is so striking and amazing looking.  But nooo…..mainstream wins.  Lucy was evicted today. 

I love the way she looks like porcelain and like a delicate girl.  There’s a hint of versatility even with her ‘odd’ looks.  Plus, she had the best figure for runway out of the bunch.  Oh well, a lovely end to what has been a crap Monday. 

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  1. Don’t worry, Susie – she’ll get a nice modelling contract out of it 😉 I thought she was by far the best at runway too, so no doubt she’ll snag plenty of work 🙂
    As for your crap Monday – be cheered by one thing.. it seems the grey revolution is finally taking off! :)))) (I just berated Catwalk Queen’s Charlotte for calling grey ‘usually the epitome of dull’, although she did dig up some pretty grey things to lust after). Also, I have some spare chocolate here that you’re welcome to!
    p.s. I hope they chuck Lianna soon. Her whining is REALLY annoying 😀

  2. Thanks Erin…I’ll gladly take that bit of chocolate to muffle my sobbing!
    Yeah…Lianna…. she takes great photos but honestly, life is just one big drag for her!

  3. Yeah, you’re right about that one. I just had a quick scan of the girls portfolios. She totally stands out among the rest. The rest are ho hum. The judges are idiots. And someone should tell Paula Hamilton to just give it up . . . no one can be as snipey and awful as Janice Dickinson. NO ONE!
    PS- Does the host of BNTM try to make modeling seem like rocket science (as Tyra tends to do)?

  4. She was my favourite too! I think her look is really strong and her pale skin is amazing. Everyone else is much more blah. Stupid judges, rahh!

  5. What got me the most was the etiquette teacher’s comments to her. Something along the lines of “well, you’re a pale lady aren’t you”. Would she go to one of the black girls “well, you’re a bit dark, aren’t you?”. I think not.

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