Jump on the Cho Cho Train

Funny how the first New York fashion week show I write about has probably gotten the least coverage press wise.  But in the sea of ‘lovely’ collections (I mean that word with the pleasant blandness it evokes – everything I have seen thus far has been ‘lovely’ if a little unexciting), its nice to see something pop out at me.  Benjamin Cho is a name I have had my eye on for a while now and I think is one of the more interesting designers to emerge from the US fashion scene.  For his autumn winter collection, I wonder if he was looking ahead to the Surrealism and Design exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum (Lee Miller exhibition in the fall and guess what is popping up all over the catwalks – 30’s streamlined looks…. you’d be surprised how these things remotely connect), because his play on oversized things and the slightly bizarre definitely veered towards the surreal.  I am now going to try and turn my mini-frisbees into giant buttons because I am enamoured with just how big they are….. !

The big jewel/gem that was already pretty large in size in spring/summer shows like Marc Jacobs, has here been given the comedy treatment by taking it a few sizes up. 

My favourite pieces of all were these huge cut out butterflies/flowers – -look how they are just sort of grazing the dress almost as if they landed there by accident. 

Cho, not content with just oversizing everything to surreal proportions, then incorporated this bizarre element of hands draped over the shoulders.  In this particular dress, they’re not just hands…..they’re knitting hands!  If they ever stock this piece in any store (unlikely as I can’t imagine what savvy buyer would even say when faced with something like this), I will hunt it down just to try it on and see what having a pair of mannequin hants knitting my top feels like.

Don’t hate me for not commenting on all the ‘loveliness’ going on in NYC….Philip Lim, Vena Cava, Ruffian, Erin Featherston to name a few….. it is all lovely…. but I really couldn’t blog-dialogue any of them until now…. ‘its Cho-time!’ 

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  1. oh my GOD.
    i think i just want everything i’ve just seen.
    ESPECIALLY the big button jacket (i have somewhat of a button fetish!) and the jewelled dresses.
    tres quirky, yet definitely wearable…

  2. CHO IS AWESOME! i love it. He comes from such a unique point of view. Have you seen his zipper dress? OMG! DEVINE!
    Your definitely on the spot there. He’s one to watch out for since he sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the sea of effortless minmal chic in the U.S fashion scene.

  3. The big jewels remind me of The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo style. Remember getting rubies as monetary rewards in the game? Big sparkley oversize jewels and diamond cut stones seem to be a thing in modern design + fashion these days…very cool!

  4. the butterfly dresses are *awesome*. i’ve been really confused this season by the sudden re-appearance of labels like nicole miller on the style.com roster, which inevitably prompt editorial commentary the equivalent of a mothers embarrassed but fond appraisal of her 4th graders orchestra recital (“it was lovely….”). par contre, did you look at chris benz’s collection? the colors story was amazing…

  5. The hands dress reminds me of Thing from the Addams family, but I’m crazy for the big buttons. Major love for funky clothing going on here.

  6. I remember you wrote about the newly launched italian version of style.com, style.it.
    it launched today, and i wouldn’t suggest you add it to the bookmarks: it’s crap.
    The pictures are the same of style.it (Marcio Madeira’s), the site is confused, sounds a bit stupid (i speak italian so i can read it) and in geenral i am not appreciating it that much. There were a lot of expectations linked to it, and they all failed me. It was meant to be an italian version of style.com, but if you compare the two you can’t come out with anything good out of the new one.
    Have a look, and i’d loove to hear your opinion about it.

  7. Ehh none of this really pleases my eye really. I understand why people like it – it’s just not for me. Except the hands knitting. Thats great. If you are serious about big buttons though….try the Button Queen or Button King or whatever it’s called on Marylebone Lane. It’s pretty easy to spot. They’ll sort you out.

  8. ah, can’t really get anything out of this… for me these are simply clothes and dresses with some somewhat quirky “detail” added on.. nothing really new or inspiring imho

  9. I blogged this collection! I was wondering when it was going to get some more nods. It’s one of the most interesting things I’ve seen all week. http://shoppingnerd.blogspot.com/2007/02/benjamin-cho-does-bride-of-beetlejuice.html.

  10. Brilliant casting too! All thanks to Mr Perrett aka COACD.
    You know the funny thing is, in Hawaiian pidgin, “cho cho” means big or fat, as in “cho cho lips”.
    I think exaggeration worked in Mr Cho’s favor.

  11. there are more pictures here, some with slightly better detail:

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