French Act

Self Service magazine, I think has captured a new breed of ‘star style’ that is extremely appealing to me, a person who pretty much despises the whole concept of star style.  Actually, it’s not a new breed across the board but mainly concentrated within – where else but – France!  These young French starlets encapsulate ‘insouciance and chic, brut and ambrosial’ (Self Service’s words, not mine but ever so eloquent, non?) in these seemingly haphazard polaroids and to be honest, they makes me a cringe a little at the Girls Alouds, the Paris Hiltons and basically all the people who lack subtlety, taste or tact.  Francophile, I’m not, but there is no denying admirable style spirit and if I have to somehow fit in with our celeb-obsessed society, then let me look up to these women. 

Clémence Poésy, 24 in Chloe // Ludivine Sagnier, 27 in Louis Vuitton

Laura Smet, 23 in Balenciaga // Roxane Mesquida, 24 in Prada

Mélanie Laurent, 23 in Yves Saint Laurent // Sara Forestier, 20 in Emanuel Ungaro

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  1. Call me jaded, but this sort of look/attitude seems just as contrived to me as that of the Paris Hiltons and her ilk. Like being contrary for the sake of it.

  2. I do not know them, except Poesy and I like her style, it’s sth fresh.. but how come their hair (i mean each and everyone of them) is so boring, just hanging down wishywashy..? serious, I think long hair is boring already but doing really absolutely NOTHING with it is.. ah never mind, may be some part of being anti, non? my.. what a comment of mine..

  3. i totally agree with u susie, there is just something about these pictures. admittedly i am a bit of a french film lovee – ludivine sagnier in swimming pool was just the epitome of french youth cool – those swimsuits, the big hoop earrings that should be chavvy but just Work… 😀 – xxxc

  4. I don’t know who any of them are, except the first two of course..has anyone seen the April cover of i-D? I thought Ms Poesy looked pretty good on it actually…

  5. I dont see anything special about them…they’re simply girls with long hair & a lack of obv makeup. I hardly agree that being subtle and elegant is a ‘new star style’ people simply dress to express their personalities.

  6. Love ’em. . . but I’d like to think that I could look like that too, if I could afford Prada and Chloe!

  7. they’re kl, they have that morning after the night before feel. the slight hazyness of the photo sums up the atmosphere but hair could be alittle more interesting.

  8. i love it, i love the undone look. though i am terribly biased as i’m such a francophile. clemence poesy is my current beauty idol, she’s a goddess.

  9. This striped shirt is tres belle and it’s a great deal! Love it!

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