“Boing Boing Boing” goes your dress

I had an awesome time making paper cut out concerntina lanterns. I actually spent hours cutting intricate paper-cuts and stuck them up to try and cover up the felt tip marks that marred my walls.  Have I thought about wearing them?  Not unless you count wrapping one around my head to make what I called ‘I’m a lady!’ hat.  House of Boing though want to try and put kinetics into your clothes, to make them have a life of its own.  I’m certainly not one to shy away from the clothes that come to ‘life’.  Fabric cut lattices certainly would add a lot of ‘boing boing’ factor to your outfits.  The fact that these ensembles are all available to buy or hire, proves House of Boing wanting to merge fashion and costume, though I’m not sure how happy I’d be hiring something like the white lattice sleeved top and having to return it after 48 hours.  I don’t like bidding farewell to clothes.  A selection of House of Boing is available here but you can always them if you’re after something in particular.  I’m actually very ready to go ‘boing’ in something fantastically alive and latticed-up for an upcoming awards do so I shall report in due course how I cope with a garment that you may not be able to control the movement of. 

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  1. cool, i look forward to seeing what you make of them. I have to prepare for an exhibition soon and need an impact-ful outfit, and these look really fab…

  2. You’ve got a cool blog header. I definitely agree with you! I just love the way coco chanel wrote it!

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