Cutting it Out

When I gave some props to Acne’s SS07 collection, people commented on it being overpriced for what is essentially a denim label.  I also labelled Acne as a ‘darker, edgier’ version of A.P.C.  Basics with a twist.  I think I may have to revise my labelling and say that Acne is really pushing the boat in terms of its design, perhaps in a conscientious effort to move away just being ‘that skinny jeans label.’  Their SS08 collection here has exploited their associations with denim by using a minimal amount of material to make skirts and dresses with square cut-outs.  I simply can no longer class Acne along with the rest of the denim bunch and for a non-denim-lover like myself, that can only be a good thing.  The rest of the collection is equally impressive; not overstepping it’s boundaries but turning it up a notch too with the design.   

Clearly, these pieces are meant for layering over other things which makes this something of a instant-love for me, who would love to style these to the max.  Perhaps over gauzey/thin jersey dresses.  Perhaps over vintage slips.  Perhaps over a PVC shift dress.  They really are making my head explode with ideas.  I shall have to make another trip to Stockholm if I am to have any chance of nabbing these overlayering pieces.   

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  1. Totally agree. I saw these recently too and have been pining away for the high waisted skirt version. So much possibility…I may attempt a knock off version if I get the time.

  2. i love the avant guarde quality of these pieces. it kind of reminds me of vivienne westwood’s bustle and a little bit of an iron maiden… perhaps a play on our own self-imposed fashion prisons/pigeon holes/personae?
    apologies, after my third cup of coffee, i’ve become a bit heady!

  3. Wow, the first picture was unconvincing, but the other two are actually really great. Maybe becausethey are are in color.
    They remind me of the things I cant remember the name of that were worn under victorian dresses.
    You state that they should be worn layered, but I wouldnt be surprised if someone wore one with just knickers or such!

  4. I love the one with the white shirt. It totally reminds me though of Madonna’s outfit for “Keep It Together” in the Blond Ambition Tour! seriously!

  5. I think Acne is possibly the most fashionforward label we have in Sweden, but they too appear to be a bit stuck in typical swedish design. Everyone’s doing the same things. I think the major reason why I rarely end up buying from swedish designers is that it’s all essentially inspired by the same. Right now it’s the 90’s. I find it terribly boring and disappointing.

  6. I have been crazy in love with Acne the second they opened their store in Berlin. I feel that your comment sugesting Acne is like A.P.C. but with a darker twist is very true. On upbeat days I’ll turn to my trustee APC pinafore and flats. But I always turn to Acne if I want to make a statement without looking like I’m trying too hard.
    Love your blog! I have only 130 or so days left on mine. Check it out:

  7. I love harness type contraptions over clothes and these look great, except the way they have styled them is truly awful. I like the green/grey skirt thingy

  8. Thumbs up for novelty factor, thumbs down for wearability (i.e not a timeless classic!).

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