The ONE time this would work…

When Viktor & Rolf paraded their models strung up to metal bar light installations, fashion editors winced and thought ‘Ouch!’. I pretty much thought the same thing but I wasn’t impressed with the clothes anyway so their distraction tactics didn’t really work on me anyway. So I doubted I would see these clothes on celebs (label not glitzy enough) or in editorials (clothes not interesting enough). I forgot about Roisin Murphy though. The ex-Moloko singer, now solo artist has dared to don the whole V&R ensemble, complete with clogs, light rails for the cover of her upcoming single ‘Overpowered’. In this very singular instance, I believe Viktor & Rolf has done her cover some favours. The oddness of Roisin strung up to a light rail and walking around in clogs with the shopping on what looks to be a typical British high street makes for a great still photograph.

Roisin seems to have a love for pairing the extravagant/odd and the mundane as in the video for Overpowered, she’s wearing the Gareth Pugh SS07 silver and black chequered jacket whilst on the bus and scooping up laundry. oviously being a video, it’s meant to be on the stylised, conceptual side but I can loosely relate to wearing all the wrong things for mundane everyday life (seeing as much of my life is pretty mundane I guess that’s all the time….).

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  1. She’s pretty amazing. . . I do love her Overpowered video with the Pugh ensamble, she wears it with the kind of nonchalance all of us fashion victims aspire for!

  2. wow. love it. wonder how people would react if i would do my everyday stuff in that kind of attire πŸ˜‰

  3. Hm, that is really one of things I never tought I would see on a real person. But hell, a cool idea for a photo shoot I guess!.

  4. I love her! The way she wears the most extravagant clothes in a unimpressed, laid-back manner is truly stunning.

  5. I couldn’t believe how well she wore the Gareth Pugh ensemble in the video. She’s exactly the type of girl I’d imagine wearing Pugh.

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