Getting Clean

Do excuse the one non-fashion post on this sticky Saturday.  I spoke too soon yesterday about grey days because in the rollercoaster weather we’re experiencing in the UK, it is now unbearably hot.  You know what central London needs?  Face cleaning pods at every street corner, because walking in this heat on the streets, every two minutes, I get this urge to to wash my face and splash it with cold water in an OCD obsessive way (kind of like how James I used to wash his hands constantly…). 

Luckily I took a nice trip back to outer suburbia of London where my family have returned from Hong Kong and they have saved me from resorting to unfamiliar skin routines.  A lot of you commented on my *umm* nice skin on those DDD pictures.  Despite having the help of Alistair Allan’s airbrushing skills, I’ll admit that my skin ain’t too bad but not without help though.  It’s incredibly sensitive and after much trial and error have I realised exactly what products I need to use in order for it not to react immediately.  The tried and tested cleanser which my mum bought back from Hong Kong for me is Water2 Square’s double moisturising cleanser.  It’s from a Japanese line of cleansers that supposedly uses different waters in Japan in the composite.  Mine is made up of Tokachigawa’s spring water.   It does sound incredibly hokey but hey it works for me, makes my skin feel SUPER cleansed as opposed to dry and taut and I don’t even have to use moisteriser afterwards ( it leaves a nice subtle scent).  It’s not hoity toity expensive either costing around ¬£10.  I’m not saying it’s a sure fire win for any of you but if you’re intrigued, $15 is not too high a price to pay on this site where all four different kinds of Water2 Square cleansers are available. 

Despite lugging home my cleansers, magazines, snacks, sadly I haven’t gotten my share of cheap HK thrills.  Like these black and mustard patent lace-up flats that my sister got.  Cheap, cheerful, yet not in the way that would incite ‘Urgh, those are tacky!’ comments.  Gah… roll on February, roll on February I say….

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  1. I figured your sister would say that. I used to live in MK and it seemed every other day there was a new store in the mall (just as another would close or completely change its stock/focus).
    My favorites for accessories are the one by Prince Edward Station (United Plaza?), but for shoes I like to go to the New Territories malls — they’re more likely to have crazy shoes from China. New Town in MK is probably the closest to that….

  2. They also have packets of sheets soaked in those cleansers. They are much cheaper and much more convenient. I think it’s only available in Asia though.

  3. Where can i buy that Japanese line in hong kong?? Im going back soon but ive never heard of this brand before, do they sell it at sasa, bonjour, those sorts of places???

  4. Heat you say? I live in Miami, Florida.. Come to Miami if you want experience heat, heat, heat and more heat and then a hurricane or two.. LOL..

  5. Well, I personally use wipes first and then use this stuff for night and day cleansing….but I reckon it’s ok for taking off light make-up…

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