Getting Natural Again

After about a year of obsessing with all types of plastic/PVC, deliberately artificial-looking footwear, I’m quite eager to get back into some solid natural materials.  I’m not saying there needs to be a forest growing on my feet but Finsk’s SS08 shoe collection balances the organic and the artificial to great effects.  Angular colour blocking, fan details, geometry in colours that are of the ‘pale and interesting’ type (off-white, warm-grey, blue-grey and taupe) are all deftly combined.  I especially love the use of purple wood (so vibrant, it almost looks painted) contrasted with the white polished paint effect.   

Julia Lundsten’s interest in architecture and natural structures is clearly reflected in her designs but there is nothing ridiculously unwearable about that association either.  I’m thinking shoes of this sort would instill a different kind of walk when wearing them.  Rather than stomping about in a hurry, I might slow down a bit and walk with a tad more grace (if there ever was a time that the word ‘grace’ would come to me…). 

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  1. dang, i really want to get my hands on a pair of finsk shoes. did you see the booties? they are awesome too… i think the designer’s specialty is the heel… drrooooool….

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