What lies beneath the image

Ilook1I do apologise if today’s posting is just all pretty images and no coherent talking (or perhaps you prefer that, in which case, ignore this babble…).  However, today is festivity-heavy as my office romance with the boyf is sadly ending.  No, it‚Äôs not a break-up but a new era, as the boyf moves to new career pastures, a sad office farewell is in order.  My recent overload of work has yielded good things, namely contributing to a Beijing-based magazine called iLook, that I‚Äôve been poring over trying to improve my simplified Chinese character reading (yes, I can only read traditional characters and yes, people will say that is weird…) and also because it is a superbly laid out, rich-in-content, amazingly styled magazine.  The Drama Queen issue here features an editorial with a Shiatzy Chen dress that can only be described as one of the few examples of Dylon Image Maker-esque photo transfer work that I‚Äôm impressed with which means Shiatzy Chen is on my website hit list for further flash imagery dissection…   


A Sign from Above?


Please don’t mistake this as a case of being a wee bit self-obsessed but it is more of a Freaky Friday incident.  Erin Hamilton, an artist from Oakland has surprised me with this wonderful painting of me looking terribly serene with a pretty bird and after my recent investigation as to whether my head can handle some birdies, it is surely a sign that I should go forth to Beddug’s headbands, especially as she didn’t know I had posted about Beddug when she was painting the picture.  I predict and hope for many a pscyhic fashion vibe being sent out over the fashion blogosphere…


Lightening Up


Strawberry Summer fruits are precisely what the name suggests; should really be eaten by seasonality and only in the summer.  However, strawberry ice cream, the expensive or the cheapie variety can be enjoyed all year round and Tsumori Chisato seems to feel the same way.  Where most collections have gone decidedly sophisticated for next winter, Chisato has stuck to what she knows and taken her signature quirkly girliness to a new level.  Whereas prints still feature quite a bit in the collection, it’s the wearable marshmallow pieces that have caught my eye, especially through these images by Sonny Vandevelde.  Quilting, satin, flowers, tiers, ruffles are precisely all a bit too much yet it’s still appreciated by the ‘more is more’ sensibility that I’ve always held.  Especially when the season is looking like I will be drowned in sharp tailoring, deep colours and subtle detailing, all of which are nice things but I’m also partial to these exceptions to the catwalk trend rules. 

Afterall, if I’m eating strawberry ice cream in the summer, doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop eating it in the winter with a nice bit of rhubarb crumble.  Oh god…this euphemism for wearing girly pale ice cream colours in the winter is all getting a bit crap isn’t it…? 
Yadda yadda yadda…bottom line is that I’m definitely making it my mission to trek it back to Hong Kong sometime this year to pay the Tsumori Chisato store a much-needed, heavily-delayed visit.      

Ts1 Ts2


Ts5 Ts6


Givenchy’s Growth


I‚Äôve always been a little bit confused as to why the editor big wigs like to rain down on Riccardo Tisci‚Äôs parade since his appointment at Givenchy.  It borders on victimisation especially in opposition to the way that Nicholas Ghesquiere consistently gets showered with praise.  Criticism such as ‚Äòoverly-gimmicky‚Äô or ‚Äòtrying too hard‚Äô are the usual crows.

However, the crowing seems to have stopped after the AW08-9 collection was revealed and some have called the collection his best yet and that he has grown up and got his vision all under control.  Perhaps his design sensibilities have always captured what I love which is, and excuse me if this sounds like a throwaway phrase, an alternative vision of beauty, subverted romance.  In this 2007 interview with Riccard Tisci, written by Cathy Horyn, she notes the difference between the reactions from the ‘young women’ and the editors, how the former have taken to Tisci’s designs more so than the latter.  Perhaps I’m just one of the ‘young women’ who isn’t analysing Tisci’s work with considerations of whether he is fulfilling the duties of a creative director at an old French fashion house and whether he is attaining perfection.  His experiments and expressions through the seasons seem to always capitvate me in some way even if I don’t like the entirity of the collections.

Fortunately, the AW08-9 collection full of Spanish matador influences, Elizabetha high necks and plisse excess is singing to me but not because I feel he has finally come ‘out of the "promising" category into a place where he deserves to be seen as a designer who has come of age’ (to quote Sarah Mower), but because he has fully explored and pushed a vision that I have seen before in his work. 

Hopefully, I’ll get to gush and congratulate him in person as he is the president of this year’s Hyeres festival!