Tone down the Tights

What to do with many a pair of tights from Tightsplease…..?  The quite scary Automatic Layering Reponse aka ALR, kicks in and with some sheer/white tights over the bright/neon ones, varying effects can be produced.  They seem to add this 3-D dimension to normal opaque tights which make your legs look like there are fractal patterns going on (not sure if that is desirable or not!). 

White opaque over neon orange // Black sheer over bright yellow

Ttights1 Ttights2

Natural sheer over jade // Silver sheer over hot fuschia

Ttights3 Ttights4

Excuse this bout of ALR, it’s a problem I’m trying to overcome.  Wish me well in the ALR clinic and if there are any other ALR-ers out there, let’s hook up and start a support group…


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  1. wooooow, great idea Susie! I love the sheer over the jade tights….how fun to have serpetine green stems!!

  2. that’s funny: ALR:) when I first saw them I thought they were pale colors. they don’t look layered to me:)

  3. what a creative idea! love the look of layering two tights, i’m tempted to try now, except our weather has mostly turned hot and sunny:/

  4. cannot in any way top your outfits – which are all fantastic – but in second to last photo here i’ve got white sheers over salmonish opaques. i’m not quite sure why…

  5. wow! this is awesome!
    i love the jade and the yellow especially!
    the pinks remind me of those Bassatts frui pastels…

  6. The sheer/jade mix is gorgeous – I’ve never wanted greeny blue legs before but now it seems like a reeaaallly good idea!

  7. I love how it mutes the neons and makes a sheeny shiny effect. I’ve only resorted to two pairs of tights to combat coldness, it’s nice to see the concept put to creative use!

  8. I reaaalllly love the effect of the white over orange. They all have a bit of that ombre/tye dye effect, and that cannot be bad.

  9. Oh, how fun! And what a great way to get colors that you can’t go pick up in the store — I love the black over the neon yellow paired with your Mango dress!

  10. oooo i am sooo going to try this! my dip dying experiments have always gone terribly! god know i have enough white tights, i’d better get a bright purple pair, fast!

  11. I am very much in love with layered tights as a boy and in the cold of ohio I take it to the next step by wearing a body suit(cut down the front so I can wear plunging neck lines). Then I wear some textured tights and add a bright sheer color and dim it down with a black or gray. A task worth trying. 😉

  12. Those are 4 great looks! Who would have thought that black over yellow would come out a fabulous foresty green?
    Have you seen the Celeste Stein patterned tights currently on You could probably incorporate them into a very cool outfit.

  13. Such a beautifully subtle yet really effective example of where some stylish lateral-thinking can take you – at least your legs.
    And I wouldn’t necessarily include this in your ALR woes (don’t ever stop, btw) where exposing and juxtaposing differences in colour, contour etc is perhaps more the goal, so much as “applying a finish” like a tinted varnish over a base colour….you’re just a born painter! So I think your twelve step program’s still on track.

  14. well i am going to join the hundred million adoring commenters to tell you i also lovelovelove this idea! thanks so much for sharing. just my luck: it’s going to be cold in LA this week so i can try it out myself!!
    thanks again,

  15. That effect is remarkable. I don’t think I would ever have considered layering tights (not just because I don’t wear them. I spend a lot of time thinking about women’s fashion.)

  16. Whoo! They look awesome!
    I’ve done something similar which you should also try. Mix bright coloured tights with patterned ones on top (ie. lace or fishnets, etc)
    They look amazing! and warm too!

  17. Wonderful color, the muted neons are great shades. Will try this myself! The entire outfits work very well too, I like all 4.

  18. I’m not sure I could imagine a more horrible feeling than wearing two pairs of tights simultaneously 🙂

  19. i wore the sheer black tights over obnoxiously loud color tights last winter. it was the only way i could wear colorful tights without feeling overly dramatic. it does create a great effect, especially when you look down at your legs and you see parts of your leg with color popping out and other parts completely dark. too bad i got lazy over the course of the term and restort back to black tights

  20. Oh dear… I did this in spring-summer 07. I thought I was over it. And now, looking over my shoulder, I see a bed-ful of colourful tights and myriad combinations I’m just itching to try. You should’ve warned us this might be triggering, Susie!

  21. i’m a huge tights layering fan!! sometimes i do three pairs at a time!! my big thing right now is to layer brightly colored tights with some different fishnets/patterned tights that i have..ohyeah!!! also layering some leggings on there sometimes is a nice kick (totally adds warmth too)!!!!

  22. LOVE THIS! 1 and 4 are awesome!
    I thought I was the only one with such a major legwear obsession. I sometimes curse summer as it means putting to bed my over the knee knitted lovelies and of course, tights.

  23. ooh my gosh i have just experimented with this for an adventure outing tonight is lush think will spend all night ignoring everyone and staring at my legs!!!

  24. i layered my stockings when i was in japan cos i conveniently forgot to bring pants or jeans when winter was coming to an end and loved it. and since i don’t really enjoy white stockings on my skin, layering is the best! =)

  25. I love this look. I often layer tights – mainly sheer 10 denier nude tights with black micro fishnet over. I have never tried to layered a brightly coloured opaque with a sheer nude on top but will try this weekend.
    Love the pictures too!

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