Feather Braining

Featherdress I seem to be wiling away the days filling my head with all things feathers related… Feathers, the store and its new SS08 arrivals which I will harp on about later… Bona Drag’s feather hair clips that Dreamecho is championing well…this sheer feather print tent dress from Laced with Romance which really needs to end earlier so that I can go to Hyeres with a floaty number that isn’t sickeningly boho. 

To add to the feather brain thoughts, Rebel Dance, a new label based in New York with a Parisian-New York team behind it have made feathers look like they’re the most normal embellishments in the world with these pieces for their SS08 collection INDO.  They describes themselves as an ‘urban wear label’, a term that has changed vastly in its definition and incarnations since the days when I first heard the term ‘urban wear’.  However, I’m thinking they don’t seem to fit under the ‘urban wear’ umbrella, judging from this collection.

I’m hoping all these feather-brained thoughts won’t combust and diffuse into nothingness and a self-reward of featherness is most definitely due. 




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  1. I have been obsessing about feathers too. I buy them, I just keep buying them, like, loose feathers and then my dog gets them and my room ends looking like a massacre in a pigeon loft! It ain’t pretty.

  2. ah these feathers look gorgeous, that’s really something i should try it.
    i’ve just linked you to my blog as you are one of my daily reads and i love your blog!

  3. im slightly ‘feathers’ in the head and keep hoping that i will come across some beautiful feather jacket or dress on ebay lol dont think that’ll happen anytime soon 🙁
    but wow i am loving that skirt in the first picture!it gives me a DIY idea!

  4. The sheer dress from Laced with Romance is so achingly pretty! I bet it would be so comfortably breezy when the weather gets really hot.
    Thanks for the add Susie!

  5. Really into feathers at the moment; have just bought 2 of those fabulous 1950’s style feather headband/hat things on eBay.

  6. i loooveeee feathers in clothes.
    The window display in Selfidges had a gorgeous dress with a feather layer….and lots of long, red, braided hair. it made me very happy.
    unfortunately, my very evil boyfriend dragged my on before i could see who the dress was by =/ boohiss!
    but it was lovely (:

  7. thank you for the shoutout!
    love the rebel dance take on feathers…kind of a bird puffing out his/her chest!

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