Les Pas Perdus

This illustrated editorial ‘Les Pas Perdus’ by Ancher from the latest April issue of Numero is making me re-think my self-imposed ban of spindly heels (namely because I can’t walk in them for shit….), and somehow, the shoes are made even more enticing by the illustration style.  One of each please… one of each…    


(Pics taken by myself from Numero Issue 92)

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  1. I love that, illustrations hold a special place in my heart and illustrations of ‘It’ shoes?! Gimme Gimme! Just one pair will make me a very happy girl indeed… (:

  2. May be… just may be…
    MMMMMMM… no! They may be gorgeous, delicious, and positively glorious, but that broken ankle city for me!!

  3. those shiny shiny gucci shoes give me a heart thump every time (although its really the so-bad-its-good pink ones that i am superlusting for)

  4. I love fashion illustration, and these are particularly gorgeous! The red ones worn with leggings in the middle are my favorite.

  5. Enticing, but ONLY if you’re somewhere where you spend all your time sitting down. But they’d be perfect to just put in a glass box (or maybe a pretty, open-faced cake box), peg up on a wall, and admire.

  6. Oh, beautiful! I know what you mean about them being more enticing in illustration form: the tea cup shoes look incredible! I’ve been tempted, but the illustration just makes me want them more. I’d be perfectly happy with the watercolor on my wall, though!

  7. I got the red tea cups but I’m tempted by the pink versions too (they have different straps so that’s enough of a justification to get them both, right?).
    The illustrations of those and the prada spats make me want them more!

  8. those are indeed delightful… but i must say walking in them is one challenge, but keeping the heel caps in tact is a far more difficult challenge…

  9. now hobbled, i am over heels, consuming and wearing, but never over admiring them.
    drawings are the most harmless version of all – there are no victims.

  10. Ahh lovely lovely shoes! I don’t know where to begin! They certainly make my measly collection look even more measly. I only have boots and I am really lacking any spring shoes at the moment.

  11. Im loving the bright yellow shoes. I am having the same problem – I cant walk in high heels at all but cant stop buying them!!

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