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I don‚Äôt usually give myself over to television fashion fanaticism and though the likes of Gossip Girl have emerged as popular fashion blogging fodder, I can only muse half-heartedly.  However, I think I‚Äôve found my new Roswell cult-ish love (yes, I was addicted to Roswell…. and yes that is incredibly sad…).  Except loving Pushing Daisies, which has just started to air on ITV, is slightly more acceptable/seemly seeing as it‚Äôs getting critical claim and all.  The Tim Burton ‚ÄòBig Fish‚Äô meets Amelie qualities of this brighter-than-life, super whimsical show has captured my heart and it‚Äôs precisely these aesthetics that temporarily kids me into thinking that I want to *gasp* pull off 50‚Äôs cinched in waists, Audrey Hepburn-esque elegance and general poised/pulled together Chuck fashionisms (Chuck being the character played by Anna Friel who has scarily not aged a bit since those young Brookie days…).

Those thoughts of course quickly dissipate because I quickly realise that looking like a film extra was never going to fly with my wardrobe….  but the aesthetics of the show and the richeness of everything bring to mind the vivid florals that are *groan* best exemplified by yes…that…Topshop vivid Monet floral print dress which has just gone live.  The pretty pretty florals have been getting a lot of lovin‚Äô and attention from Topshop but for the more authentic Chuck-tastic stuff, Mary Moore Vintage is a good port of call.  Bewarned, it is a tres cher but immaculate sort of vintage they sell but I love that garments comes from a genuine vintage expert/lover Mary Moore (child of sculptor Henry Moore).

Of course, if ever more of this floral-ilk comes into my obsession, even at the height of my Pushing Daisies-lovin‚Äô, I‚Äôm still never going to be able to pull off a complete ‚ÄòChuck‚Äô which is fine because I have a black PVC legging review debacle on my hands (it is on its way…) which are imperfect for pairing with such dresses (imperfect being what I tend to go for…) and also my new love of deconstructed draped jersey pieces that would sit very nicely on top of the florals.   


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  1. I adore the Topshop floral style prom dress but i’m not really sure if I can pull it of. I always feel a little silly in overly girly clothes. Then again maybe I should try something new.

  2. ooohh I want more floral in my life! I just got a good basic floral from HM http://everybodysaysdont.blogspot.com/2008/04/what-im-wearing-today_14.html
    but now I REALLY am lusting after the topshop prom dress. Gonna watch Pushing Daisies now too! Thanks.

  3. Yes I’ve been watching that too! The show very much appeal to my floral sensibilities, and I’m surprised that Anna Friel is actually quite good.

  4. I think Pushing Daisies is going to be my Gossip Girl replacement too. I think I’m just too old for GG. When the choir started singing a Fergie song in school, I had to turn it off. Vomit.
    As for Chuck’s costumes, the red New Look style outfit with the circle hat in the recent episode actually made me grab the sofa in adoration. So beautiful!

  5. Oh no what have you done – its not the floral lovely as they are but the Mary Moore site – I’m in love with a black evening dress for ¬£550 – how I wish I’d bought this to get married in!

  6. Oh no what have you done – its not the floral lovely as they are but the Mary Moore site – I’m in love with a black evening dress for ¬£550 – how I wish I’d bought this to get married in!

    and i have been in love with anna friel since i saw her in the pantene advert.
    and i now dream of the gold thing she wore when she was in her coffin. =]
    as for gossip girls, it’s soooo OC in a different part of america. whatevs

  8. I was also addicted to Roswell… I would watch it with my mom! Don’t feel bad about it, it was awesome!!!

  9. MMMMmm florals! Managed to get a skirt off eBay which combines pleats and florals – Woohoo! Haven’t tried Pushing Daisies yet, but Gossip Girl is way too kiddie to cut it.

  10. Mary Moore Vintage is another great site. Unfortunately leaving me longing for more clothes that I can’t have.

  11. Oh! The Topshop floral is just gorgeous. I can’t abide wimpy florals, but big, bold, bright ones like that make me swoon.

  12. Pushing Daisies is the way to go when it comes to understated fashionable tv. I absolutley love the show, the characters, the colors, and definetly the clothes. I would wear most every thing that Chuck wears and the subtle accents to Neds clothes always add to his adorableness.

  13. ahhh i thought i would love the floral dress but it hasn’t grabbed me now it’s in the store, maybe because there are so many vintage floral dresses out there for cheaper?

  14. Nice post….I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I’ve been keeping my eyes out for nice floral pieces for our next Summer while thrifting.

  15. ah not too old for skins but GG is somehow out of limits?! Never! I think the fashions are quite similar in how OTT they are. I don’t understand, does Kristen Chenoweth dress in florals as well as Anna Friel?! Everytime you say Chuck all I can think of is Chuck Bass in all his sartorial glory….

  16. I agree I love the floral pattern dresses.
    I also like the first dress the one with the full skirt.
    I saw a similar dress on
    By the way I love your blog

  17. I loved Roswell like no one’s business in its first season, it was one of my major guilty pleasures circa 2000-01…you really shouldn’t feel bad about it you know.
    But that Topshop dress is killing me- I do wish they’d just stop gobbing about emerging markets and open a shop in India already.

  18. Floral is difficult to wear sometimes I think. It’s good you want to wear it your own way though, if you did try to emulate the show too much you just wouldn’t feel like you, so I don’t think you’d enjoy it.
    And yeah, I had a guilty love of Roswell too. I have the DVDs, which I think is even worse! :p

  19. I like your idea of taking florals and roughening them up a bit. I have a couple of floral dresses I feel so cloying in…latex leggings you say…

  20. OK, I’m off to mininova to check this out, in the meantime don’t be shame’n on the Rosewell, it was also my dirty shame!

  21. Yay – lots of secret Roswellians….
    Gemma: Loved that ensemble!
    Make do and Mend: Sorry for that… but Mary Moore is amazing isn’t it?
    Meg: Nah…I do like GG…. never said I was too old for it seeing as you quite rightly say… I watch Skins! Just that I’m not AS gaga about posting about GG fashion-related posts as everyone else is… more surprised that PD hasn’t gotten more fash-blog lovin’….
    Chuck Bass is most def my favourite character from GG…. most well-written anyway…some of the other dialogue…is well… a little stunted…
    Mica: Trust me…. pretty and prim florals aren’t my bag…. but for 45 minutes watching the show, the mind does wander…

  22. I bought some latex tights (Reeeaaally fetish-ish!) – am thinking about them with the topshop prom floral dress..Hmm. (Love the idea of black nail polish Susie)

  23. I loved Roswell! Love both Gossip Girl and Pushing Daisies, and they both pull me in their respective fashion directions that really has very little to do with how I want (and do) dress. Florals doesn’t really work for me, just have the one skirt that I love mostly because it’s so ugly!

  24. i love love love the floral topshop dress. ive been finding a ton of great vintage ones as of late but i might get this one too!

  25. Haha, I used to be a total Roswell fanatic too. I can’t understand it anymore but I used to be so obsessed with that show, it was scary.
    Lovely dresses!

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