The BFH loves the camera…

Those Frenchies are really putting me to shame as the trio of Punky B, Garance Dor√© (whose streetstyle pics have upped a level me thinks…) and G√©raldine (of Caf√© Mode) were out and about with their super professional cameras and having the elegant politeness to ask people if they can snap their outfit (er…not to mention the language skills of course as they all speak English and French impeccably…. darn being trilingual in the wrong bloody languages…).  Me… er… well…my Hy√®res coverage is slow and laboured… and yes, there were a few beach sessions and long fruit de mer lunches involved…

But I do promise that I wasn’t just fannying around doing nada… because G√©raldine very smartly captured me at work on the blog at the Villa Noailles.  I’m thinking it was the blue floppy hat ou ‘capeline bleu’ (for once, I’m preferring the English, non?) that warranted the photo as opposed to my hulking Toshiba laptop…


Punky B also dug the hat too and she’s also captured the weird way both the boyf and I came up with wearing the blue chain necklace I so love as a belt…


You can’t see, but the bStore sandals were getting some much needed sun-drenched wear… wearing them with tights in London was smacking too much of holiday-desperation…

Oh, and if you’re serious ‘Louise’ fans (I’m thinking this is a girl that only streetstyle blog fanatics will know…) all three blogs have captured her in one stylish outfit after another… makes me want to hide in my BFH frankly…

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  1. You looked great in that outfit Susie. More than the hat (which was great and suited you very well), it’s the fact that you were the only one to blog at the villa that stroke me. And I never look that stylish when I’m behind my screen 🙂

  2. BEAUTIFUL picture of you. god your skin is amazing! and you’re so skinny! grrrr.
    but nice to see you blogging away even when you could be out in the sunshine, that’s why we love you! x

  3. these are some of the prettiest pics ive seen of you – just lovely, id frame one and give it to your boyf. the hat is also one of my favs x

  4. I love your hat and it’s not so easy for everybody to wear it like that!
    Ah! this Louise has such a great style! 🙂

  5. well you’re looking very pretty and fresh in these pics!
    are you THAT small or is your laptop THAT big?

  6. Ho ho…. thanks guys… no I’m not that small, the laptop is a big one…. it was my emergency laptop buy after the NYFW disaster…
    Thanks to the light of Hyeres and Geraldine/Punky B’s skills… I actually don’t look demented…

  7. your BFH is much, much prettier than me….
    I’m not surprised by the laptop though. The firm I was interning at had a couple of people over from Toshiba, and they carried these MASSIVE ones with them. The big screen must be handy for watching movies though..

  8. I like the way your legs are reflected by the laptop on G√©raldine’s photo. It adds something to the composition, this is clever of you!
    Wonderful hat.

  9. Oh, that hat! I have loved that hat since you first posted it. Amazing, especially with your blue chain belt and the sheer (!) over your patterned skirt. Awesome.

  10. ah your skin tone and shiny hair with blue hat is stun-ning! no freezing infront of the camera like you’ve said before, you look effortlessly cool

  11. You look incredibly sweet and pretty on those 2 pictures, I’m so glad you posted them on your blog as well, thank you so much!
    Next time, I’ll try to be less shy and come and say hello to you… 🙂

  12. The first photo is really cute, and the second is gorgeous, your hair looks like a mermaid’s.
    Few could pull off that hat like you do!

  13. An extraordinarily good blue. The blue chain belt gives it just the right amount of kick. Nice to see you are protecting that beautiful skin of yours.

  14. he firm I was interning at had a couple of people over from Toshiba, and they carried these MASSIVE ones with them. The big screen must be handy for watching movies though

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