Lazy Tights

Ok, so I did this bout of tights cutting up as a feature for a magazine a while back, but it seemed a shame to not put it on the blog seeing as the mag will have limited circulation.  I repeat, it was a hasty experimentation that needs fine tuning but then again, when have I ever given you guys pictures of perfection?  Work in progress, slow and steady wins the race, unfinished results and all that….yup, that’s me.  Seriously though, when the next season of lycra tights wearing comes about, a proper investigation will be undertaken to see how the waist bands of tights, legs and toes can be cut up in various ways and used to good effect, because right now, the bloody sun has come out and I’m sorry, but my mosquito bitten gams are going bare and I don’t give a crap who sees them. 

I present you the cheapie Primark tights cut-up rage making bandeau tops, tight skirts, sleeves and hair sculpting bands… with 1st time trial messy imperfections that hopefully come next winter will be alright for the night…


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  1. That’s something I’d never thought of doing, never….. It actually works when you make it into a skirt. Love the t-shirt, love the colours.

  2. Thats a great idea. I hate when you get a great new pair of tights in some hard to find colour and they rip after you wear them just once. I never want to throw them out, it seems like such a waste…next time I’ll try some of these ideas! Thanks!

  3. I give you points for trying. I often wonder what to do with old tights. I like what you did with the sleeves and the color block on the legs. I myself have made sleeves out of freaky patterned tights…good work. Let us know what else you come up with. Like you, I am convinced there are a million things I could and should be doing with these stretch pieces of fabric.

  4. I do a bellydance class and one of things the teacher recommends for when you are too cold in the costume is to cut the feet off tights and wear them as a shrug. It looks good under a sleeveless t-shirt too!

  5. I love the rainbow bandage skirt! Were the bands stitched together or just worn over another skirt? Is it grotesquely unforgiving to any presence of fat?

  6. i love the blog but good heavens girl, quit tryin to look awkward when youre takin photos of yourself. do you scrunch you shoulders like that when you walk down the street?

  7. Though worn together or separately, I love the bright pops of color that the headbands bring to your dark hair. So pretty!

  8. i used to make sleeves out of patterned tights when i was a kid! i really like the skirt idea i might try that out..which bits did you cut?

  9. i cut up some tights a while back but i couldn’t get the edges to stop rolling up.
    you got any ideas on how to stop that?

  10. Hanna: Nah, they weren’t stitched together but they should be really… they were just worn on top of one another over really thick opaque tights.
    Kyky: They don’t fray and surprisingly they didn’t curl either which is what I expected them to do…I think it does depend on the tights too…
    Miss Lee: Ah…haven’t seen that yet!
    Anon: Yup… I am the special slouchy one…
    Anon: For the skirt, I cut out the waistbands of the tights… the ‘top’ bit as it were…
    Angelastories: Yes, except Primark didn’t have a good shade of yellow…more neon than mustard…

  11. A dreamer: It’s odd how these cheapie tights did not curl up…. other than stitching them down, I don’t really know how to combat the problem…applying a little clear nail polish to the edges to weight it down is another idea but ruins the colour of the tights I guess….

  12. cool! i love your fashion experiments! you inspired me to get a bandeau dress – you know, herve leger.
    and thanks for your comment. i’m always happy if someone comments on my music or youtube madness ^^

  13. I love the sleeves. I think a set of these with cut up fishnets over the top as arm warmers could be right up my alley.

  14. ps susie i love your “awkward” photos, i think they are super creative, edgy and young. keep it up lady. always a fan. xf

  15. love the headbands and plaid shirt ones…reminds me of years ago donna k. did black headbands on the runway, all made out of black opaques-inspired by an assistant.

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