Dahlia Darling!


I quite like it when boutiques leave trails of cute communication behind.  Dahlia, an uber-girly label that makes sweet and inoffensive dresses, again making a name for itself by being stocked in the ‘Bazaar’ section of Topshop Oxford Circus was residing in a store in Kingly Court but will be moving to 8 Fouberts Place where they’re currently decorating and the things that caught my eye were their tacked up spreads from Above, Let Them Eat Cake and various Japanese fashion magazines as a way of saying ‘Come back in a while for cutey, girly goodness…’

Their SS08 stuff is like I said completely harmless, pretty, cute.  Not to say that it’s bland but it isn’t 100% my cup of tea.  Still, cutesy dresses in a wee little store that promises to be decked out in girly paraphernalia… you can’t really grumble…


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  1. Great designer! I wish we had a Top Shop here. I really like the girly, frilly pieces and my favorites were the first and second dresses.

  2. they are cute. they are safe. BUT…i can see wonders to be done with a bedazzler 🙂 joking aside…i’ve seen a million rendition of their work before at gap/zara/h&m/walmart. is it worth it to buy clothing that is so safe that it just disappears.

  3. I saw this yesterday! I bought a pair of Dahlia shorts in the sale for I think a tenner last year, and they seem to have changed their aesthetic quite a lot.
    Yes, my shorts are an inoffensive purple with a flowery lining but they have a very exaggerated sticky out shape (I’m not very articulate right now but I can’t think of the word, sort of like jodphurs) and are definitely not ‘safe’. In fact, as a result I don’t wear them enough and they were almost a subject of my wardrobe cull today.

  4. I have a picture of that first dress on my phone after admiring it in Topshop…i still want it!! It’s safe but i think with a pair of thick black tights, and the right accessories it could look quite stand-out… dammit! I knew i should’ve bought it :o(

  5. I really appreciate Dahlia’s brand of simple girliness. As popular as the style is, I don’t think that many lines really capture that ephemeral kind of space between womanishness and little-girlishness without traversing into lolita or kitsch. Which isn’t to say I don’t appreciate those elements in their own rights, but they’re so often created by accident

  6. hey girl are u perfect !! im lover of fashion but u………u are the STAR 😀 LOL really….i love ur blog very very much…is amazing….and girlie drass is very cute and nice.
    ciao xox

  7. Like the last dress but not bowled over by the others. But like you, j’agree on their cute window display…

  8. I agree with most others here…they are beautifully simple and classic (with the USP in the detailing). It’s just a shame there are less interesting versions of most of their styles around on the high street, so this cute little brand may not get the coverage it deserves…nice one for plugging them Susie! Cx

  9. Boo hoo, I want that checked dress! I also want a Topshop, that’d help my shopping scene so much..

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