Flick and Decide

Now I know the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony collection probably divided opinions across the board.  Love?  Hate?  Dug the shoes, hated the clothes?  Liberty print overdose?  Tight gingham pants not doing it for you?  Opinions are unsurprisingly varied but perhaps a look at the latest photobook curated by Chloe and shot by Mark Borthwick that has resulted from the collection might sway the naysayers?  Or not… the opinion remains staunchly negative.  So just enjoy flicking through this fun photobook that is split in half so you can mix and match Chloe’s upper/lower half with a  whole bunch of things.  It also includes transparencies and illustrations by artists such as Marika Thunder and Rita Ackerman if the clothes are really REALLY turning you off.





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  1. I think that catalogue is something fresh in it´s designe for now and even though i wouldn´t wear the clothes shes designed I still think she did something very personal, so , it´s not that she dresses beautifull. I think Chloe has always done something quite her way so why should it appeal to a big mass, don´t think it was her purpose anyway..
    somethings are really nice though ..and I love her anyway! 🙂

  2. I don’t really like the clothes themselves that much, though that’s just my opinion. However, the flipbook does look like a lot of fun!

  3. I found the clothes to work on the right person and off the hanger. The flower print dress I hated when I saw it but really coveted it when it was acutally on people.
    The book is cool and playful – much like Chloe herself I guess!

  4. I have nothing against the clothes in itself, but they are not so original that are worth the ridiculous price tag, that is a real turn off for me, she’s just an actress at the end of the day not a designer.
    the book is fun.

  5. i LOVED the clothes. or at least the prints. none of them really struck me as pieces to wear alone, they were all so usable, any of them could have just slid into my wardrobe! i loved it. The vintage pieces were breathtaking too.
    what’s even more exciting though is her upcoming menswear line for Opening Ceremony, which she’ll also tailor for GIRLS! (YAYY!) so we’ll finally get the menswear look with the precise menswear tailoring but for a feminine figure. 😀 😀 I can’t wait.

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