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It’s another year and Wimbledon has come around again.  My interest in sports in general is unsurprisingly minimal but for some reason tennis has me hooked in a way that is quite inexplicable seeing as I don’t play it particularly well either, yet any old match will have me glued to the screen for hours on end.  This year though, a more sensible explanation for my tennis fixation, would be that the style stakes at Wimbledon have been ramped up, so much so that newspapers are commenting on what players are wearing as much as how they are faring in the competition.  Actually, that’s not the real explanation either but it is quite hilarious to see people making a fuss about *gasp* a pair of shorts on a woman.  Tutus and white trenches on court, rumours of kilts and Federer’s preppy vs. Nadal’s pirate look; all the sort of ‘style’ drivel that are cluttering up the back pages of newspapers and also 

The main story centres around Maria Sharapova donning a pair of tailored shorts for matches, along with a matching tuxedo bibbed top.  Designed by Nike, the influences behind the outfit was supposedly Savile Row tailoring and to add strength to that, the warm up outfit consists of a pair of tuxedo-style subtle pin-striped trousers as well as a white two-piece suit.  I’m cowering as I type this but the press image of Sharapova in the whole warm-up outfit is actually making me think that it’s worth investigating.  Something about the sheen of the jacket, the way the trousers flow, the loucheness of it all…

Of course, all of this is hampered by the golden Nike tick.  The US site only sells the shorts and top but apparently this is all on sale at the Nike store on Oxford Circus, a place I haven’t frequented before unless standing under the front of the store for rain shelter or running through it to get to Topshop counts.  A peek won’t hurt though.  You can be reassured that no exercising will be involved if I do end buying something and a pair of killer brogues and heavy doses of styling up would be applied.


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  1. Yes, I am going mildly insane…. not sure what is attracting me to the warm-up suit…it’s one of those weird likes that i’m experiencing in Wimbledon fever….

  2. in tennis gear, a little tux detailing is a big deal. it is a conservative sport and wearing lip gloss in the game was worth discussing for hours just a couple years ago. as was the girl who wore red undies instead of all white last year 😛 people actually got mad. i was like white lacoste with red undies is a great combo!
    and i’m loving sharapova’s look. i guess she is trying to prove she is fashion focused..probably to parlay into a clothing line??

  3. mmm my interest in sports stops right after oogling at hot males, never ending legs and occasionally, the stuff they’re wearing. tennis happens to be the more interesting ones. was about to post something about sharapova’s tux too. and then there was federer’s gold trimmed white cardigan (it was so nerdy cute!) and serena william’s warm-up trench coat – which i’m surprisingly quite approving of!

  4. Tennis has to be the most fashionable of all sports because there are no set uniforms that the players have to wear. (With the exception of the all-white Wimbledon.) Sharapova’s suit is so classy and cool. I feel like it could only work on the greens over in England. Federer and Nadal both have great style too. But Nadal wins because his outfits are more original and unique. And he’s hot enough to pull off tight shorts. All this fashion (and hotness) makes for some exciting tennis matches.

  5. Susie! I friended you on Facebook recently, probably to your confusion… =)
    Anyway, the reason I did that is that I was your first Little Miss UPS “client”! Anyway, I saw this blog since its inception, and it’s great that it’s grown so much since then.
    And I’m finally commenting, because I adore tennis and am a huge fan of Federer’s. I find his outfits to be more than just pretty – rather precious, in fact, especially with Nike putting little rackets on his jackets to commemorate each past Wimbledon win… Conversely, I strongly dislike Sharapova, but I love the dresses Nike keeps making for her! I think the tuxedo tanktop is very adorable – not so much the rest of the outfit, though.

  6. How interesting..I love how it looks on the court (without the ‘jacket and trousers’) .. it sort of reminds me a bit of Jean Patou.

  7. ITS PERFECT!!! It’s aesthetically pleasing AND comfy! What more could you ask for?? (probably that there wasn’t a big gold Nike tick but hey you can cover it with a brooch or a corsage!) I LOVE it!!

  8. wow, that’s pretty cool. Finally a female tennis player’s wearing shorts. Those ultra short skirts get boring to look at.

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