Wicked Purple

Now that I’m free from the frettings of ‘Will I be able to move that to the new place without injuring somebody?’, I’m now at liberty to buy the heaviest, chunkiest fashion magazines that a lot of people might view as potential-unsuspicious-murder weapons (something that Cluedo overlooked I think because if somebody was whacked hard with a copy of Self Service or a particularly ad-filled US Vogue, me thinks they wouldn’t be feeling too great…).  So the new fall/winter 2008 issue of Purple Fashion is out now I think in Paris and until it’s out in London, I can salivate over the cover on TFS.  The cover subject of a naked Mario Sorrenti at the feet of Kate Moss wasn’t really my main point of focus though….


Minus the Moss, naked Sorrenti and all I was staring at was the
beautiful bit of Balmain AW08-9 that is curvy in all the right areas
with plenty of provocative detailing…. that lace, that
metallic sheen, the tightness… quite possibly my favourite piece from the whole collection which has admittedly been worn by everyone left right and centre.
Balmain aside, content on Benjamin Cho, Daphne Guinness, racy
photographer Araki and Lou can’t-fault-her Doillon also beckons.
Here’s to augmenting my murder-weapon-mags…


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  1. I must know where to get it in the states… whipping out my credit card…Moss aside, that dress is to die for.

  2. Congratulations on settling in! That magazine looks great and how I wish I had the money to go out and buy all the fashion magazines I pleased! Right now, my count is up to 2.5 . . . (.5 being Paper magazine).

  3. I’m just so tired of seeing Kate Moss everywhere..but Balmain is fab 🙂 Nice to see you are back to posting..hope you survived the big move!

  4. i agree, i’m loving lace sleeves at the moment too when wanting to avoid baring loads of skin but still showing enough

  5. I know what you mean…I bought the September issue of US Vogue yesterday and weighed it at home. 4.5 pounds! It’d pack a serious wallop if flung at someone’s head.

  6. Thanks for doing the legwork on that cover — Moss and Sorrenti are a little distracting, and I think I’d have missed the details on that cute little number.

  7. Purple is one of the publications I haven’t actually read yet, but this cover is particularly enticing, for a number of reasons 😉 Does anyone know when this released in the UK?

  8. In Victoria you get the strangest looks buying this magazine. Yet another reason not to live in Victoria.

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