Black Out


It’s ridiculous how short these posts are.  I’m uncomfortable with writing in such a sparse way but as we speak, I’m topless, trying to find a top in the suitcase that is swallowing up my clothes and my hair is dripping on the keyboard which might blow up if I’m not careful and I was suppsoed to leave six minutes ago.  I have a bit of a tale to tell about this outfit which was taken outside the Maison Martin Margiela show but it’s a long one… I’m calling it my Good Deed of the Year…as I generally don’t do good deeds…


Emilio de la Morena jacket/dress, Preen leather trousers, Tristan  Blair wedges, black socks stolen from boyf, Vivienne Westwood bag, Marios Schwab for Topshop cigarette box, Paraphernalia camera necklace

Photo by dear Tommy 

Fendi Folds


I know this has nothing to do with Paris but I how could I resist when nude mesh and tons of square flattened folded rosettes that from a distance almost look like hexagons are involved.  Especially when it’s Fendi that is in question.  It’s quite a surprising turn but then again Fendi is one of those labels where people hold poor connontations in their head (double F logomainia etc…) when in reality, there’s always been something a little interesting/bizarre/odd in their collections that goes against their bread and butter line of logoed goods…

I just wish I could dampen the pretty-prettiness of it all with a backcombed messy quiff because I’m pretty sure last time I attempted a quiff, there was a brush stuck in my hair and copious amounts of wasted hairspray to further damage this planet.





(Pics from Dazed Digital by Marco Coppola).

Paris Fashion Week S/S 09: Day 2


I have a most bemused expression on my face as I stand here and get my picture taken by Tommy outside the Rick Owens show.  Bemused because the security guards closed the doors on people WAAAAAAAAY early, there were zero PRs outside to control the situation and the likes of Emmanuelle Alt, Kate Lanphear and Diane Pernet were all turned away and then the usual standing ticket crowd were adding to the pandemonium… people threw invitations at the door in digust.  Meanwhile, streetstyle snappers were out in force and it seemed like they had multiplied since the last time I was in Paris by threefold and they just happily snapped away at anyone/thing of mild interest…

Again apologies for post brevity… I’m currently trying to figure out why I can’t convert a certain video file into flash and it’s making my head whirl…

Acne scarf, Walter Rodriguez black shirt, Urban Outfitters belt, yellow satin skirt, Basso & Brooke leggings, Office flat shoes, Miu Miu bag, vintage sequin arm warmers

Gareth Pugh’s Parisian Debut

Quickie vid post… So it seems people like Gareth Pugh a WHOLE LOT more after moving to Paris judging from the TFS thread going on which is amusing.  Gareth said that it was basically going to be the same show that he would have done in London but it just happens to be in Paris.  The truth of the matter is, that the Palais de Tokyo setting, the manufacture of garments in Italy and a different attitude within Pugh consequently means that it wasn’t the same London show.  As opposed to a front row of clubkids, you had Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt.  The music slowed down (provided by Matthew Stone as always) to something sharper and less frenetic.  The construction of everything was more refined and superSLICK (the word that I kept on thinking…).  There was a purpose about everything that meant whilst the shapes and techniques have been seen before in Pugh’s previous collections, the strings have been tightened to a positive effect.  The setting of Paris did change something…. being on that schedule demands that Pugh do an upgrade manouvre and I think he achieved that yesterday…