YSL Departure


Yesterday, as I was supposed to be leaving San Francisco, I managed to squeeze in the press preview for the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition at the de Young museum.  In my blase travel gear, (Converse, oversized slouchy tees and skirt), I hadn’t realised that YSL royalty was going to be there in the form of Pierre Berg√© who was there to introduce the exhibition and say some words which I badly recorded below.  He requoted his famous quote of Chanel giving liberty to women and YSL gave them power but also said this…

"I don’t know if fashion is art.  But I do know you need to be an artist to create fashion."

I have mountains of images to post but that will come post jet lag laggedness… I will however post this one image of Betty Catroux, one of Yves’ muses, who also was there in her black clad-icy blonde glory


Dogs and Berries


Yay for exceptions and surprises.  A lot of comments/emails came my way that the style in SF was mostly laid back and bad layering.  Someone did say there were flashes of brilliance.  I think this was one of them.  Excuse the short post as I have to go to hunt for medicine in Walgreens but Nicole here perked me up yesterday as soon as I saw her Viktor & Rolf for H&M tights (I don’t wear them half as well…) and her berry brooches…


…and she has the perfect pooch…the kind that doesn’t growl/poop (I’m not really an animal person…)


The Fred Butler Palette


"Missing out the cracks in the pavement, and tutting my heel and strutting my feet…" is a lyric that comes to mind when I see these images of set/accessories designer Fred Butler which were shot for a DD My Style feature by Mishkin Mishkin and as decided by the accessory designer herself, she wanted to paint the street many colours, clashing/matching with the pretty pastel houses behind her.  She also makes me think of Chupa Chups, the good kind of soft toys, Rainbow Brite and other smile-inducing things and I need a smile or two right now.  She gives many style affirming statements in her Q&A including this one which also make me grin…

"The other major factor is that I wear
clothes to put me in a good mood and enjoy a day. I wear strong colours
to brighten up the gloom of modern city life. It provokes a mixed
reaction of either smiles in appreciation or jeers from the
stereotypical small-minded souls. "

Right on, Fred!  If I lived on pretty pastel house street (aka real estate heaven in London…), I’d be wanting to do top to toe monochromatic vivids as well…I also don’t have enough matching handbags and shoes…  I’ll work on that…



Img_4196_ Img_4229_



Trying on For Size


After finding out a sad bit of personal news, I’m a bit disjointed today, and have unfortunately lost the will to go on any more thrift hunts.  I won’t elaborate anymore and a self imposed lock in in the Kabuki Hotel has its advantages.  A showroom has been set up by the Arts of Fashion to showcase a mix of young American designers and more established names and possibly expose them to new stockists.  So there is Cathy Pill and Sandrina Fasoli from Belgium and my friends Douglas Reker and Carlos Santiago from New York which are on my ones-to-watch-in-NY list in my growing belief that there’s something latently explosive happening in NYC.  The afternoon was free and in my half-withdrawn, half-sorry state, a bit of random trying on had to be done… in the designer showrooms, I often see buyers having a bit of fun trying things on whilst I look on enviously and just touch things gingerly.  Turns out the try on sesh was a bit of a pick me up. 

I’ll wait for the lookbooks to be done before I post fully but here are a few pieces from Carlos and Douglas’ S/S 09 collection which I botched over what I was wearing.  Notice the Basso & Brooke leggings totally jarring everything… such is the nature of the showroom random try on sesh.  Carlos’ collection is severely pared back compared to the last one and clearly there is a sentiment to sell.  You can’t really go wrong with navy and grey satin and black sheer mesh.  Then there’s this cloudy grey print mesh mixed into it which I absolutely adored and have put in a personal order for one…



Douglas went with his previous picnic basket theme for his S/S 09 collection, turning the colours up to make them more vivid and making the shapes even more exaggerated.  See cheesy beauty pageant pose below with flared out cape and beautifully embroidered floral lining and body… yes… that is about as smiley as it gets…



Yeah, I look a bit dumb with all the outfits going over my existing one but it was the grown up version of a child’s dress-up chest and that is no bad thing.