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Img_8014 I had to stop myself from going mental in the magazine section of Kinokuniya Bookstore which is literally a stone’s throw away from me here in San Francisco.  Since the sad diminishing of the bookstore in Japan Centre in London, I haven’t been able to get so much as a common Cutie magazine let alone more obscure titles.  So I had to stop myself from grabbing every single magazine and stuffing them in my tote before indulging in red bean ice cream next door (ok, that’s a lie….I got the red bean ice cream…).  Russh is an Aussie title that I can BARELY find in London so picking up the Japanese version I thought would be quite interesting. 

Turns out the issue has gone Iekeliene Stange crazy.  I’m not really a modeliser per se, knowing only a handful of names but I was glad to see the Iek doing more shows this season and of course having her off-kilter pose/dress style captured by various streetstyle photographers.  Russh Japan are in love with Iek so much, they’ve dedicated a good half to Iek’s style; apparently she is lolita, psychedelic, folklore, mermaid, hippie, wrestling, spacy, rock and classical all at the same time, despite some of those words being verbs and musical genres.  Having seen her flittering around quite a few times now, I can attest, she is indeed a lot of those things, all at the same time.  In true Japanese-fash-mag style, formulas are given for how to get the Iek look and surprisingly, I tick some of the boxes even though I’m none of the things highlighted above…

You need…

A short mini pink dress, some ker-razy leggings, a mini handbag, flat lace-ups, hang some toy charms around your neck and perch a beret on your head and some geek glasses et voila… look a la Iek.







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  1. Ooh looks like a fun read! I was tempted to bring a hoard of Japanese magazines home with me from HK but unfortunately there is such a thing as a luggage limit!
    Love red bean ice cream, jealous!

  2. that looks awesome! i’m not really too fond of most models, but iekeliene stange, you gotta love her. and they’ve got her style down pat! i want that magazine, haha.

  3. Brilliant! I love the actual application and detail of how to achieve the look. So cool and completely crazy as well.

  4. wow i didnt even realise russh was popular enough to translate it into different languages.
    hmm s’pose i should take more notice of local mags but after getting fed up with australian vouge ive kind of moved on from magazines, onto blogs.

  5. hey
    i live in london and i love collecting cool magazine for the fashions shoots as i study fashion.
    Can tell me if theres a good place to find foreign magazines? Especially japanese ones?

  6. ooh i’m glad you made it to that bookshop! i really like ikeliene… well because she seems to be one of most eclectic and daring of the models.

  7. That bookstore drives me batty- I have to limit myself to my once a month So-En, otherwise I’d be broke…but maybe I’ll have to walk over and check out russh…

  8. i’ve been dying to get my hands on the jap version of russh. is it very good? coz i wont bother buying it if its not as prices over in aus for asian mags are sky high.

  9. Oh god you’ve almost made me start crying. I’m an Aussie in London and have been since May. Russh is impossible to buy here, and as a result I’ve been subsisting on my very lonely May edition. Sigh!

  10. oh lord. i pity pity pity pity your wallet in that bookstore! i always “find the time” to check in there every week, then mentally justify why i must buy 3 pricey magazines and a book. then there’s the ramen downstairs, or the ice cream? ergh! it’s a trap i tell you 🙂

  11. I see your name on all those pages. Cool stuff. Well I don’t even know where I can get that kind of glossy magazines from Japan in Perth.

  12. thank you for sharing..I love “reading” or seeing in this case magazine from all over the world!

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