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Suffice to say that if were a frequenter of Boombox and/or attend all Ponystep shindigs (Ponystep is moving to Paris to the Regine club….get ready Parisians….), you tend to be dancing around, surrounded by bundles of talent.  Everybody is a fashion designer/illustrator/set designer/printmaker and generally creaaaaaative.  Makes people like me, who latch onto creatives get all excited and geeky.  When I snapped this gal at the JCDC party at Punk aaaaages ago, I guess I should have done the proper thing, asked for her name and Googled it as invariably SOMETHING would pop up.

Instead, it’s taken me this long to gather enough info.  Her name is Echo Morgan (well not really…it’s actually Xie Rong…) and she hails from Chengdu in China and after studying in Central Saint Martins, she has stayed on in London to bestow us with her wonderful illustrations, set design, collages and general mixed media loveliness…

You might have seen her watercolours for the Feathers website…


Her collage and set design work for some reason echoes (ho ho ho…) the images that accumulate in my head… if I was half as skilled, I’d go about constructing such menageries of images in real life but instead they only exist in my head and Echo’s work is therefore like the beautiful physical realisation.  I’m hoping that the escapist mood at the moment propels Echo to do more spreads in magazines, giving her an entirely free hand to do whatever pops up in her dynamic brain… 


I’d especially love to see her go mad in the windows of Selfridges where she has done some work before…


I couldn’t really not include any of her fantastic outfit shots either as that was the thing that led me to her work in the first place.  She confesses that she has the habit of outdressing the host at parties which may well be true but I suppose she is endearing enough with the effort she puts into her outfits not to annoy/grate said hosts…


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  1. Her works, watercolours and collages, are mesmerizing. She’s really inspired and so creative in every way. Thanks for the discovery.

  2. Oh how I wish I could handle watercolour half as well but painting was never my forte. Beautifully dreamy imaginative work.

  3. I love her! Her works are amazing, she’s such an inspiration. Adore the pic where she wears the harem pants, very cool. Thanks for this, great post!

  4. love the illustrations, especially the use of watercolour, but they look way way too much like Julie Verhoeven’s work to be unique

  5. I agree her work is quite Julie Verhoeven-ish…. I think she adds a different dimension with her set design and collage work though….

  6. what a fantastic profile piece
    she is an incredible artist, her fashion illustration in water colour is gorgeous.
    and i would invite her to a party and be outshone by her any day!

  7. Wow her style alone is something to post about let alone those amazing water colours. Susie did you ever visit the museum of art in hong kong (i think thats its name the one in tourist trap kowloon) where they have tonnes of chinese watercolours. Its as if shes come from the past and just has new subjects to paint. This girl is amazing!

  8. I had the great pleasure of working with this girl – I can say first handedly she is a genius and true creative.

  9. Ooh I love your blog. It’s so creative and original! Would you like to exchange links??

  10. Oh my! She’s so incredibly talented, and such amazing style! Am I the only one that thinks she resembles you, Susie? 🙂

  11. thanks for sharing this. i love her work and even the way she puts her outfits together is nothing short of amazing!

  12. She is fabulous! Her work is beautiful and her outfits amazing and she sounds fun too! Kind of girl you wish you knew but would be too shy to talk to cos she’s just so intimidatingly cool!

  13. wow!!! I love everything about her, her style, the paintings, her so natural coolness, gush!! she’s like a walking work of art, some people just have it all eh…

  14. the headgear she wears, in outfit pic number 5, is part of a traditional tibetan outfit. she’s from Chengdu, where there are a lot of tibetans (and also a hell of a lot of discrimination against tibetans but thats another story).
    there are all kinds of crazy headgear in the traditional tibetan garb depending on tribes, area and all, most of them very colourful.

  15. obviously, she is a living art piece. I can see why I didn’t end up being an artist. Sorry for being all about me here but it’s so much clear now.. no more question to ask myself.. just that I did a post on this very issue about 5 minutes ago.

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