The Selection Continues

In a previous post, people have picked up on the fact that I don’t buy as many high street clothes anymore when actually, the truth is I just don’t buy as many clothes period.  It’s actually got zilch to do with recession but more to do with the fact that opening hours don’t get along with my working horus and in my area all I’m surrounded by are a slew tasty sandwich shops (for doorstop size sarnies try The Larder… I dare you to eat the whole thing…). Then on the weekends, I’d rather not terrorise the boyf by dragging him through the trials of H&M where he gets increasingly agitated (he prefers a quieter shopping experience).

It’s all looking a bit gloomy isn’t it?  Last weekend I spoke of selective vintage shopping.  This weekend, it’s selective high street.  A sad state of affairs as it does feel like next week I could be telling you I’m not shopping period (banish the thought…!), However, I must take comfort in the fact that there are flashes of opportunity to venture out high street shopping once in a while…like last night at around 8pm just an hour before Topshop closes when the boyf and I decided it wouldn’t be as busy and therefore not so irksome.  Beyonce Knowles must have also got her flash of opportunity as she and Kelly Rowland were also wandering up and down Topshop too grabbing a lot of things, whilst being followed by beefy bodyguards and a gaggle of mobile phone cameras.

She however wasn’t being so selective as I saw an armful of stuff.  Having been starved of Topshop for a looong time, I knew exactly what I wanted and just honed in on the feather skirt  in navy and some Topshop Unique shoes both of which I had eyed up on the site for yonks.  Cartoon fluffyness is what I have been hankering for ever since I’ve seen the designer Yang Du‘s work so the skirt gave me an easy way out.  If a dress version existed, I would have gone for that too to get more fluffy ness. 



I’ve been obsessed with textures like bathmats, towelling, soft toys, shower curtains, carpets/rugs and other household items and somehow transplanting that onto clothing for some time and so far, haven’t had too much luck coaxing my bathmat into a garment.  So instead, I’ll wear this fluffy skirt that reminds me of those cheap Argos rugs that so many teenage girls have in their rooms, a nubby knit jumper that is resembles my bathmat in feel and a vintage faux fur bolero that is terribly teddy bear-esque all together until I figure out how to get more household fabrics into my wardrobe…



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  1. That skirt is great. I love all the textures together. I have yet to buy from Topshop now that they ship in the US. I think I need an in-store experience to get the juices flowing!

  2. The skirt looks lovely! I’m enjoying the textures, I’ve been wearing my velour sweater and terry cloth top recently, it’s just snuggly enough for winter 🙂

  3. Love your blog…have read it for ages but first time commenting – amazing colour of skirt, you look great!
    xoxo from las vegas

  4. i want that feather skirt! it looks lovely on you…and i have been meaning to say this for a while, but i love that shiny jacket you are wearing! it is gorgeous.
    i don’t know if i asked you this already or not, but are you interested in trading links with me? actually, i already added you, but i would love it if you linked me back.

  5. That skirt looks amazing on you! I love both outfits, but especially the last one. I can’t really take in the 1st outfit because I’m blind to everything except THE MOST AMAZING LEATHER JACKET EVER. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  6. What a cool skirt. I admire the fact that you can incorporate so many out of the ordinary things into your daily wear and making it look good.

  7. Insanely love the blue skirt and second pair of shoes. Your outfits are so genius, the textures combinations are impeccable.

  8. Your nubby jumper has got me into big 50’s mock astrakhan coat mode. Now I’ve got to find one … oh yes it will be mine.

  9. That skirt is adorable! It’s the perfect length. And I’m selective about my high street shopping because everyone else tends to have the same thing and quality isn’t always the best. But if I do something amazing, I buy it!

  10. I have been so tempted to buy that skirt, even with my miniscule student budget. Now I’ve seen how cute it looks on you I think I might have to make that purchase….

  11. I’ve been looking at that skirt for ages, thinking, “shall I, should I?”. No surprise you bought it. Looks great. I have instead gone for a knock off Chloe faux rabbit trim black dress for my fluffy fix.

  12. i just popped in and was bombarded with their circus range, too much satin! love the feather skirt, i bet it would look great with a sheer black leotard that i’m sure you have?

  13. Oh i just bought that skirt too, it’s so wonderful . Although i’m slightly miffed it looks so much better on you

  14. Haha — I got all excited over Beyonce. If I saw her in Topshop I think I’d stalk her for a bit.
    On to the skirt — I love it! If my bath mat looked as good as that skirt then my feet would be happy all the time. =)

  15. I’m also crazy for any kind of textures, and use them as much as I can, so I LOVE the skirt & top!!!

  16. hehe that must have been funny.
    I would like to try that fur skirt with the biker jacket. You wore them like they were meant for each other. hmm will I be able to pull them off nicely though?!

  17. I was in topshop oxford circus today and couldn’t keep my hands off that skirt! You wear it so well!

  18. what a fun skirt! ugh and i hope whoever commented on how you don’t shop high street as much wasn’t talking shit because i, at point, had enough of that. more about it on my blog.
    ok so on to your beautiful skirt. hmmm it looks so fluffy! i wish there was a topshop is SoCal. or maybe not…

  19. I also hate crowded shopping and only hit the local mall during the week an hour before closing time.
    On that note, are you going to wrestle in line for the H&M Comme des Garçons launch?
    And I still have & use my teen bedside rug – looks exactly like your skirt 😀

  20. aah so this is the culmination of that fateful topshop sesh. I’m glad the heels worked out for you in the end (although i think the topshop people may have not been so happy if you decided against having stood in them for 40 minutes talking to me lol). very cool i love the juxtaposition of the hard biker jacket with the cookie monster soft skirt.

  21. Susie you look lovely in that leather jacket!!!
    Do you live in Wanstead by any chance? If you do then I know The Larder, i think its the same one 🙂 I LOVEE that place they’ve got the best sandwiches!!!

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