Here’s one you haven’t heard before…Recessionista…

Trust me to arrive at Dazed the year they decide to hold an X Mas party with a fairly difficult theme to convey. The Dazed and Confused Xmas party came and went last night and the theme was recession. *Groan*  As if we all need another reminder.  Last year, the theme was mag covers of Dazed & Confused of 2007… what fun that would have been…

I had done zero outfit prep at all and went for a look so makeshift and pisspoor that I may as well not have dressed up at all (a lot of people didn’t given the nature of the theme…).  In the spirit of poverty I had on my 1p dress that I won on eBay ignoring the fact it cost a fiver to ship it over here and a parcel tag necklace and a brown envelope headpiece clearly stating ‘This cost 1p on eBay’ and my holey moley black tights and shoes by Office (I think some of you were wondering…).   I stopped at writing a cardboard sign to hang around my neck saying Recessionista and in any case the word sends shudders down my spine…. particularly because I was asked to contribute to a Sunday Times article on the matter of ‘being a Recessionista’ a while back and I kept on balking at the thought of this word actually coming into common usage, as if fashionista wasn’t awful enough.  An apt enough outfit that is a little on the repetitive side, considering yesterday (just got paid today) my bank balance was quite unhealthy…




Just to reel off some examples of costumes seen….someone made a dress out of two Iceland bags (the shop that sells scuzzy sausage rolls for 50p, not the country…), someone dressed up as a five pound note, there was a walking 2-for-2 voucher cleverly made out of canvas, a cash coat jacket with fake twenty pound notes stuck on all over, Wall Street highflyers and a Financial Times giant bow tie.

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  1. Very fetching and wonderful! Yes please spare us the recessionista thang! It is truly hideous as a term but hey journos have to make a living.
    Glad b/b is looking healthier. Have a lovely Christmas I’m going to be focused on friends, family and chrimbo now…so will miss your gorgeous posts!

  2. Ha ha ha! what a tres marv outfit! In this whole situation you could either laugh or cry at a theme like that so you made a positive out of it all! you found a dress on ebay for 1p!!!! (despite the shipping fee!) Hopefully you put a smile on peoples faces.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Pretty ingenious. I wouldn’t mind reading your Recessionista article.. will be about dressing ‘well’ during difficult times or making fun of the whole Recessionista thing. I hope it’s latter. Then again, I don’t suppose that’s what Sunday Times wanted?

  4. I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE that word! I hope you don’t mind.. I will be borrowing that ‘term’ and ,of course, paying homage where it is due…
    great post… It made me smile in the midst of a week filled with achy body, ill kids and overly tired spouse!
    Thanks Bubble!

  5. I had promised myself that I would shoot myself at the next mention of “recessionista” but your outfit was so good, I gave myself a reprieve.

  6. I had promised myself that I would shoot myself at the next mention of “recessionista” but your outfit was so good, I gave myself a reprieve.

  7. Considering the theme, I’m pretty sure you can’t get more recessionista than a headband with the price tag of your dress.

  8. The headpiece is so so so good!
    And I too have a riodiculous aversion to the word fashionista, but I especially hate the word recessionista. HATE HATE HATE! haha

  9. I think you did very well on a budget. Ugh, pun not intended. Does that even apply there, I dont know.
    I’m incredibly sick of hearing and reading the word “recessionista” too. I think we all may be..
    xxx jshambles

  10. Shows how style is budgetless. I completely agree, any mention of the word recessionista or fashionista should cause someone to get shot. I really hate being called any of the above, oy what a pisser (learning some interesting jewish phrases over here :P).

  11. hehe @ the iceland bag costume
    And I also cringe at “recessionista” – I heard it used before on another blog, I’m dreading common usage :/

  12. I was going to shut down the laptop and go to bed then I saw this and just had to say, this is beyond amazing, haha and the 1p headgear, its all so playful and fun, this one of the million reasons why I love your style.

  13. I prefer the term “fashion nerd” because I am a nerd who loves fashion and “fashionista” has an association with bitchery.
    Recessionista? How about “poor”? Would it kill them to just say “thrify”?

  14. Excuse me. Facts are the enemy of truth.
    I am from Samoa and learning to write in English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “At an auction site, the seller either a company or an individual puts an item up for.”
    Best regards :P, Ion.

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