Coral Pink Thank You

When I used to take the time to write thank you notes for gifts, written in pink, on pink paper, in pink fonts would always be the way to go.  It just looks like a sweeter thank you, no?  Anyway, I'm saying a CORAL pink thank you to those that turned up at LCF tonight for my conversation with Dr. Agn√®s Rocamora.  It was a far better turnout than I expected with people having to sit on the floor and I think line of the night goes to Reina Lewis, who was directing the proceedings of the conversation who told a girl "Sorry you've lost it, madam" after the girl was trying to explain that her seat was being saved (she did in fact lose her seat but anyway…). 

The questions people asked were thought provoking in some cases (Penny Martin, I'm talking about you…) and has given me much food for thought about the blog.  It seems everytime I'm given the opportunity to speak about me-me-me-blog-blog-blog, I get very reflective afterwards. 

Anyway, enough reflection for now.  Let's get back to coral pink.  These GIANT hairclips from H&M are almost as big as the length of my hand (though I freakishly have very small hands in comparison to my body…).  That tickles me pink… (geddit, geddit) and I'm trying to find another way to wear them other than in the hair… the nail polish is just an added reminder for me to think about what to do with the clips.  See how I'm needing quite blatant reminders to do things in my old age?  That's what happens when you hit a quarter of a century, an fortieth of a millennium…


P.S. A video will be available soonish…I think…

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  1. I can’t wait to see what you do with those.
    And I can totally sympathize with the memory thing…turning 25 does that to you, I guess. LOL.

  2. I sometimes use large hair clips and clip ’em to whatever I’m wearing, love the size/colour of these!

  3. Susie I do love the legging u wore in today’s conversation(ok, yesterday more accurately), do u mind sharing the shop where u got ’em?

  4. Oooh, I wish I could’ve been there! You have very cute hands/nails. (Hope that doesn’t sound weird . . . ) Coral pink is my favorite type of pink. I really want hairclips that big!

  5. i wish there were some videos, what questions were you asked? you must get a coral lipstick! i’m hunting round but don’t fancy going up to a makeup counter and asking which orange would suit me best…cheap and anonymous seems the way to go! the hair clips remind me otherwise of the clips on braces or suspenders?

  6. coral pink is the besssttttt piiinkkk EVERR!! me and my friend was just talking about this shade of orangey pink yesterday! I got me some patent coral pink heels in H&M today too with a wooden heel? don’t kno if you saw them during the giant clip purchase…but they are SWWEEEETT and for a lovely ¬£19.99!!yum yum

  7. I would’ve loved to have gone to the presentation!
    As for the clips…for some reason, I just think of putting them in the pockets in the back of pants as decor. Or in a shirt pocket. Kind of like pen in a pocket protector. Then again, I am weird. Hook them up with some fabric and make a necklace?

  8. i luv this color too! opi makes a similar color nail polish called cajun shrimp!

  9. use them as pinafore clips (clip straps onto a strapless top/dress)….or sew them onto a tee shirt….or use them to clip onto a soft leather clutch…or attach them onto a chain and make a necklace…or…i’ll never stop saying or…
    knowing you, you’ll find a great way to wear them. congrats on the conversation thingy!

  10. coral pink is my ALL TIME fave right now (tied with a starry black) for nailpolish. in fact, you’ve just inspired me to get a much-needed manicure first thing tomorrow!
    bright, poppy colors in winter are always fun on one’s nails, especially when the temps here in NYC are so very cold.

  11. You were fab last night, sorry I couldn’t stay for drink but had to dash due to petit garcon but upon my exit I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Steve as well so top night and mm PM q I was not impressed – ridiculous thing to say/ask. I just felt she’d not read your blog, so doesn’t get what you deliver and yes you are gorgeous(really) but it’s more than that – its your passion, verve, writing and thought provoking ref info, views and the access to the design information, the shop browsing – and it is fun, gosh I could go on and on! I must get the post up and then attend to my MA reading agh…

  12. Yay for those clips…would be perfect for draping! And the nail polish is fantastique as well 🙂

  13. Susie! I came last night and I must say I was very impressed by you… with all the people you were so incredible calm and yes very well spoken and intelligent! 🙂
    As for the coral pink i was sitting in the front wearing coral pink thights and coral pink dress.

  14. I have been lusting after coral pinks and lilacs ever since the Luella shows. Love the hairclips! Glad your ‘in conversation’ thing went well!

  15. enjoyed the conversation yesterday very much indeed. brought along a fellow student who was not fully aware of what you do, and she loved it. also sitting directly behind PM we felt the urge to respond ourselves after the moronic question. we did not. just a few frowns and tuts. was very unnecessary indeed. anyway, wanted to say it was lovely to be there… on a chair – geeks turn up early to these things 🙂

  16. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it last night, definitely sounds like it was my loss.
    Glad it went well & look forward to seeing the video~~!

  17. I wish I could have come along to hear the conversation. I love reading your blog. Gorgeous hairclips – my favourite colour

  18. OH MY GOD how on earth would you wear those??? I am envisaging some sort of clip-covered face with all these random orange spikes poking out… but then my imagination can go into overdrive, so I am very excited to see how you manage to wear them!!
    Oh and congratulations on the succesful talk x

  19. i turned up. you did great =)
    you probably didint see me, but than again you have no idea what i look like hehe i was wearing a coral pinkish scarf with leather jacket, how funny

  20. Coral pink is so flattering on every skin tone. Got a great coral lipstick last week! Can’t wait to see how you style those clips – in the hair or otherwise!

  21. the talk at lcf was really good – even after a day of v. heavy lectures on fashion i enjoyed it. congratulations.

  22. Lovely meeting you at LCF albeit for a very brief moment! have a lovely trip.. look forward to reading about your adventures.

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