Pile on the Pepper


The thing that has always struck me about Pepper and Pistol's lookbooks and collections is how UN-New York-ified they are, the way they really stick to their guns when they're going with a theme be it circus (A/W 09), tropical (S/S 09) or under the sea (A/W 08).  German-born duo Silvia Hillman's fashion background and Katrin Wiens' graphic experience collide together in collections that exploit literal images whilst keeping it fun.  This A/W 09 Fashion of Clowning lookbook has done the online rounds a bit but I did want to post it to commend Pepper and Pistol for sticking out in the NY fashion scene and also because the lookbook has a stunning look to it.


Jeans Trompe


This is monumental stuff here.  At least monumental for the denim corner of my wardrobe.  In which case not that many of you will care.  Still, I have to indulge.  I haven't bought a pair of jeans in… … … (that signifies the amount of time it took me to recall the last pair of jeans I actually bought…)… approximately two years.  This pair of trompe l'oeil stud printed jeans are by trick of the eye meisters Inside Out and will be my monumental jeans buy, the first in two years.  The four designs of studs, sequins, zippers and distressed jeans have been printed on cotton stretch denim and I think will be available on the online shop soonish.

So obsessed with the stud print jeans (a sort of quiet antithesis to all the DIY studding going on all over the blogosphere…) am I that I'm not even bothering to try them on, the way I do with other jeans, hence why I can never be arsed to buy them (denim department changing rooms are my worse nightmare…).  At ¬£78 a pop, I'm also semi-satisfied that I have yet to join the ranks of designer denim devotees (i.e. jeans for over ¬£100 that apparently all have bum-enhancing/thigh-slimming/hip-shrinking properties – none of which I'm all that interested in…).  Let's wait out another two years though when it all starts going Pete Tong bodywise and we'll see what happens…

For now, I'm just pleased I've bothered to even procure some jeans full stop. 


S to the B to the 3


Time whizzed by and a couple of anniversaries have passed me by namely because I don't keep track of dates and because the actual date occurred smack bang during Paris Fashion Week which of course you know was a bit of a palava.  I haven't done many "Blog Birthday" posts simply because I don't think the majority of you give a rat's arse how old a frickin' website is.   

Still, this one is for moi because congratulations to silly old Susie for ACTUALLY starting something and carrying on with it without giving up half way through.  This is what happened when I started a Sailor Moon Geocites fan page, a cookie recipe website and a teen angsty Livejournal – don't ask on all accounts.

Anyhow, I know people say the usual blub blub blub words of gratitude but I did genuinely want to state the obvious and say Thank You for stopping by, commenting, emailing and hey, even hating.  It's all conducive to a bit of online banter afterall.

Below in amongst the crazy font is a set of photos which thus far have appeared in printed press without me cringing – shot for the Observer piece by the lovely lovely Suki Dhanda – and capturing me at my happiest – messing around with my hotch potch, higglety pigglety, haphazard clothes… a lot of which you've seen on this very blog. 


Hangul = Spirit


Tonight at the Korean Cultural Centre, a fashion and design exhibition (on until 16th May) revolving around the Korean writing system Hangul opened up and the bulk of the exhibition was dedicated to a retrospective of Paris-based Korean designer Lie Sang Bong who has infused iconic Korean cultural motifs (Hangul included)into his work.  I've waxed lyrical about Bong's work on the blog before I even started turning up at the shows in the past two seasons so it was really something to see the pieces that I'd only gawped at on Catwalking before, in person… the S/S 08 Triadisches Ballett-inspired collection for example.  Yes I ran my fingers through the circles of fabrics that adorn the dresses or the S/S 09 triangular structural feat that incorporated precise digital printing in gradiated blue…


I didn't capture brilliant images of the A/W 09-10 "The Hunger" collection.  It was beautiful aggression indeed especially when we're talking about the intricate and sharp lasercut leather pieces and chunky tassels mounted upon volume-laden shoulders. 


My own jutting out shoulders courtesy of Gemma Slack's S/S 09 collection (note: I can wear level platforms again…) seemed tame when compared to the adorned shoulders going on above and has given me the will to go for shoulders that aren't just big and sharp but high and ornate too…