Searching for more Diaphanous

>>I know I have been apologising like a crazy person lately but it's not just to you, but it's to my friends and family too.. too many "I'm sorry" beginning sentences for my liking.  Still, the light is approaching and the end of the four week fashion carnival is nearly over.  Yes, the posts have been sparse but I do solemnly swear that all will be back to normal as of 16th March.  The light in the arrival of spring (I felt it for a fleeting moment last week and now it's all but gone again…), a ton of DIY ideas, press days, showroom visits, a slow run through of all the stuff that has gone on during fashion week (after all…the A/W 09-10 collections don't just fleetingly disappear after 13th March…) fleamarket/charity shop trips and posts that don't just consist of "Here's what I wore today….".  I glimpsed a bit of the light in my copy of the supposedly last issue of Preen magazine.  It flagged up one of my alltime favourite words to say and annunciate – "diaphanous".  Except they tweaked it a little and called this shoot "Diaphane" photographed by Jamie Isaia and styled by Alex Slaveycz.  I'm now mentally running a check on my wardrobe to see how many diaphanous things I've got for the light to filter through…




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  1. Diaphanous always good. Altho difficult to control in snowy NY weather conditions! Tried doing diaphanous at Fashion Week once & got rained on. Felt like a damp fairy. Kind of put me off. LLGxx

  2. amazing photos. i’ll be day dreaming about the skirt in the second picture I’m sure. O and thanks for the new SAT word, never even knew it existed. I guess I learn something new from your blog everyday. 🙂

  3. love this post and love you susie! you´re th greatest and reading your blog is such an inspiration!!!

  4. oh gosh, i know what you mean. even after bailing early, i’m still catching up. and apologizing. it sucks.
    well, i love the images.
    🙂 and kudos to you for continuing so many posts!

  5. That first top looks exactly like one I saw in Target today, which is where I was when I tried on a semi-sheer floaty shirt today and thought how neat it would look with the sun shining through and around it – which is weird because it’s never a thought i ever have about things. Thanks for the new word.

  6. beautiful pic…
    Btw, if u looking for that kind of clothes try and have a look at these Indonesia designer, and i believe that u already know, coz they hav this amazing see through blazer that i believe u r going to love, n the great part of it in a really reasonable price in Indonesia, it’s really cheap in pound money…
    well, let me know if u like it…

  7. love this post! the model in it is actually a friend of mine, Allegra Carpenter. gotta love a perth girl 🙂

  8. Alix has an amazing handmade corset that reminded me of this
    I think you will love it!

  9. I fixated on the rosette in the first picture – finally, something to try and make out of my old nylon tights.

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