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I always have to blush and cower a little when people say that I don't follow trends with the implication that I'm a trendstarter.  Not true at all.  The honest truth is more often than not I am an avid trend watcher and a lot will wind up in my outfits in some twisted way or another.  I'm certainly not some sort of renegade creature who is up in the clouds somewhere "marching to the beat of my own drum" (I doubt even the most eccentric mavericks are marching to any kind of beat…).  I'm especially sheep-like with this particular post as I have succumbed to the charms of Peeps.Org, an affordable label designed by New York based Mia Lindquist who I gather is still a student.   I had read about the label on several blogs but it was the lace-up floral skirt that Selina at Flying Saucer had bought that really caught my eye.  Sheep alert!  I went and bought a few items straight away. 

There were some postage mishaps along the way but finally my Peeps Package arrived and in it contained the skirt, a nude mesh hands top, a black studded simple tank and then a white studded bikini for wearing over things.  Haven't had a chance to style them up hence this head-to-toe look that demonstrates I sometimes am just too lazy to think of clever combinations and actually I'm fairly happy with being a lazy outfit bum. 


IMG_4441 IMG_4445



Mia's creations have no grand concept and are just plain fun.  They're trend-led but with her own twist and above all affordable.  I should think that were people like Mia around when I was about 15, I'd be throwing all my Chinese New Year, birthday and Christmas money (my only source of income at the time) in her direction.  One peep at her site today and already she's dropped some new items… I feel another package ordeal coming on… 

Peeps2 Peeps1
Peeps3 Peeps4
Peeps5 Peeps6

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  1. i need that stud bra. 🙂
    and that’s what i admire about you. you follow trends but you always put your twist in them. something i am not capable to do. lol

  2. So cute! Seems the items that you’ve snatched are already sold out at the moment—I would love that skirt!

  3. I love the nude hands top, it’s so fun. I’m tempted by so many things. Can you tell me how much delivery to the uk cost, please? It won’t tell me on the site. xx

  4. siiiigh, i wish i was skinny enough for the crop top/high waist combo!!
    i can do the naughty boob eccentuating designs & the fringing tho, oooh yes!

  5. oh susie….that skirt…. i love.
    I wanna order. And I’ve just ordered stuff from Topshop today and asos the other day. This is bad…..
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  6. love! thanks for reminding me of this label. i had bookmarked it long ago and never remembered to order anything. the hands top is very comme and i want it!

  7. That hands tee reminds me of NZ designer Kate Sylvester who went around putting cartoon eyes with eyelashes on the most beautiful singlets and tee-shirts. “boob eyes”
    I wonder if you know? You’re in Elle Collections S/S 2009 mag., p.71 sandwiched btw Sofia Coppola and Helena Christensen. Wot wot!

  8. Wow gold cheap: What shoes are fashionable? My ones are the ones with the fringe spats? I don’t necessarily think neither are…but they sure are fun wearing…
    It’s not a fully functioning e-shop so I would email Mia to get the conversation going about shipping…as I recall, shipping to the UK was not expensive at all…$10 for all my items? I don’t quite remember as I ordered the stuff aaaages ago…
    She’s very prompt and very very accomodating! Happy Peeping!

  9. hey suzy!
    great discovery in peeps! i was just wondering, i always have such an issue finding nice oirginal clothes for under £100-£85-ish on the net, for new deisgners and vintage. ever thought of making a listing like you have of london shops?
    love x

  10. Z Cupcake: Me thinks that would be full time job monitoring all new designers, vintage shops etc. I have a hard enough time maintaining a simple one-city map!

  11. Susie if you’re a sheep then I’m several sheep stapled together. I’m browsing the site right now!

  12. I love the nude hands top!
    it reminds me of the ENC t-shirts, with the same kind of humor and good looking prints!

  13. I am loving the grey florals that seem to be everywhere at the moment, grungey but in a girly sort of way. I love the skirt, it looks great.

  14. OMG, are you wearing high top white creepers??????????? You are so beyond genius that I can’t imagine my fashion life without you. J’adore you.

  15. Ah yes, I remember Selinas post all too well. Those pieces have been nin my mind ever since, your 3 buys were actually the ones I chose as favourites while browsing!
    I am more than tempted to DIY the hand tee, but I’ll be too guilty to rip it off so blatently.
    The outfits look great, lazy is the way to go!! lol

  16. oooh how fab i wish i’d seen this earlier!! i love this skirt, although when i used to wear it under a coat it always used to ride allll the way up without me noticing! i love the hand top too and am pondering the floral dress with the cut out sleeves, although the models look so good on peeps i don’t think i’d be able to do it as much justice!

  17. that’s some of the most charming whimsical stuff i’ve seen in a long time. and i’m sorry – but it absolutely has to be worn top to toe! i’m gonna keep my eye out for mia, fabulous! thanks x

  18. Dear Susie, would you mind telling me what brand your creepers are? Are they by T.U.K.? I’ve been looking for some creepers and two obvious choices came into my mind – T.U.K. and Demonia. Just wondered whether yours are by T.U.K., and if so, what size did you get, as I’m planning to get them online and I’m not sure what size I am. From reading lots of your posts, I’ve gathered that my shoe size seems very similar to yours, hence the question. Many thanks!

  19. hi, did she ever reply to you where so got them from as I too am buying some creepers soon and I’d love the ones she’s got 🙂

  20. Gwennie/Diana: Apologies for not replying (especially to you Gwennie) – got buried under spam comments….
    These boots are deadstock. They’re vintage and I bought them off Brick Lane on Cheshire Street. They’re a bit too big for me as they only had these in one size…. apologies for not being very helpful…
    T.U.K. do the creeper shoes but not the boots…. I gather these are quite hard to find.
    Ebay or Etsy might be able to help you out!

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