Denim Challenged


It's got to be said that I'm one of those people that don't really rely or need denim to necessitate outfits.  I don't have attachments to jeans or actually, after a recent purge, do I actually have a pair of jeans existing in my wardrobe.  This isn't to throw out an airy statement that is supposed to be nonchalent or something because I am in fact basically denim-challenged.  It's hard for me to find the stuff be it a natty denim jacket (remember when everyone was on the search for one of those specimens of denim jackets after Kirsten Dunst traipsed around wearing one for the whole summer…) or a bum-lifting, leg-legthening pair of jeans.  Then of course I get distracted by all the other good things that don't require as much thinking and it's bye bye denim, hello sequin shorts/crepe de chine dresses/mesh t-shirts… etc etc…

London-based French photographer Babette Pauthier's latest set of photos for Portuguese online mag Pure makes me realise that of course, given the right denim piece, it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting and my attention can be fixed on say… a cut out denim jacket, denim prints onf soft fabrics, bleached out spots… denim-challenged me needs more of these 'difficult' solutions to not eliminate denim entirely from my wardrobe (that said, thank god for The Urban Collection keeping me in frayed denim oversized jackets and vintage Jordache…)




1_pure 5_pure

Where’s my Birthday Suit?


>> Kat turned me onto Pagesonline, an Aussie e-zine which I actually already had on my links but doofusly hadn't checked out…. Pagesonline then turned me onto Aussie costume designer/outfiteer Birthday Suit which has one of those annoying websites that gives zero information but lots of flashing images that you have to painfully screencap.  I've decided 31 degrees celcius heat is too hot to do multiple screencapping so it's just this one image from Pagesonline that I'm putting up.  This ensemble is in fact the Birthday Suit of my dreams…. to either be born and pop out of my mother wearing a miniature tropical flora and fauna blazer and matching bustier….or to give birth to a child wearing it.  Scientists surely need to make this happen.


Florence’s Lungs


>> Apologies that I can't find better images of the lovely Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) performing at Glasto (no I wasn't there…were you?) but Getty is the best I can do.  Last week, I was having a love affair of Roksanda Ilincic's lacquered flowers for Whistles and the flame-haired songstress has taken the flowers to another level adorning her band's drumkit and mic with slightly dishevelled blooms.  More to the point, the gold and black roses adorn her stage outfits which oddly are designed by Topshop, exclusively for Florence.  I say odd, only because high street stores don't tend to do custom designs for people, especially ones that aren't going to be sold in-store.  Still, Topshop have gotten onto that stage train with gusto and given Florence fringed capes, shoulder pieces, giant rose embellishments and custom-fitted tulle sleeves for her to flutter around…

**EDIT** Found better images courtesy of Roger Sargent…


It does pain me a little that these shoes that Topshop also made for her won't be sold but does tempt me into a simple DIY task with some fake flowers and grosgrain…



I was going to post the original video for Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) but I've decided the Jamie T/Lionheart dance remix is actually pretty good, equalling the original if not surpassing… 

Dirty Digitaria


I've been meaning to check out Digitaria after Buck Style's writeup but haven't had the chance over the past few weeks.  It's been open for a few months and I've had some good words coming back so on the balmy Saturday I had to go take a peek…

It's the oddest kind of treasure trove to be found in London and adds an interesting label roster that can't be equated elsewhere in London.  It also benefits from a cool location at an old tailor's shop hence why it's got the old fixtures, mirrors and wooden panelling.  Digitaria is an Athens-based label that makes the kind of loose and interesting silouettes that would be welcome in most wardrobes.  The menswear is especially interesting with tightly pleated wide legged trousers and double layered shirts.  I might talk about Digtalia, the label elsewhere as here's it's the shop that's the star.  Other than the Digitaria label, the shop has gathered up a number of labels that I've not heard of… and ones that I'm just getting wind of… Tian Wang who I talked up last week was selling here for a bit. 

There's an impermanence about the labels moving in and out, showing a flexibility that means every week, it could be different.  When I visited, it was stocking Euphemia, Stone of Surrey and paper neckpieces by Millie Cockton.  I can't even give links, that's how new most of the pieces are… next up, I'm excited that Katie Eary and Gemma Slack will be coming into the store…


DSC_1208 DSC_1201

DSC_1198 DSC_1194

Millie Cockton..



Downstairs is a gallery area that will be rotated regularly…

DSC_1195 DSC_1196

I loved the mannequins that Lee Benjamin, a close collaborator of Leigh Bowery's has designed for the store…



Loving these pieces by Euphemia… exactly the sort of interesting muted pieces I crave for summer layering…

DSC_1216 DSC_1218

I came away with a white satin finger painted top by Stone of Surrey…



…and some rather controversial (or maybe not…) printed thigh high socks by Lee Benjamin's label Sanatorium….yup, it's pretty obvious what's printed on them.  I can't really explain why I bought them other than the fact that I love the sort of rubbery texture of them (though they're not rubber…thank god…) and the way the print is on a very neutral colour.  I wore them today as below and they did get a few eyebrows raised but I'd like to think that we're not five anymore and we don't have to go "Uuuummmm!  I'm telling, I'm telling!" over something that's just a print and nothing more. 

DSC_1226 DSC_1230