Are you a Betty?

Betty1 I said I wasn't going to be stopping at all the GFW talk and it doesn't stop at the fashion design students.  The journalism, marketing, promotion students and their final projects were on show and I have a few to talk up starting with Betty Magazine produced by Hannah Burgess and Charlotte Jacklin from UCA Rochester.  If Lula magazine had a younger, slightly British-centric sister into sugar n' spice and all things nice, she would be Betty.  Followers of Betty would be the Bettettes and they have a love of vintage, tea parties, music and living in a fantasy world.  It's the kind of girly niche that mirrors what Lula is so very good at but does so to an even more specific degree with its localised content and very specific age demographic targeting.  Everything from the typography, the presentation, the use of retro images, the choice of photography styles and of course the chosen editorial subject is all centred around that saccharine niche and incredibly focused that I actually think if Betty carried on as a working publication, they'd gain a similar, albeit younger, cult following as Lula has done…

Everyone can download the PDF to read through the 136 pages that Hannah and Charlotte have produced…

They've spotlighted Mary Benson, whose rainbow stripy foil dress is tempting me…

Another Flickr star to join the Eleanor Hardwicks of this world…


Denims and floral galore…




Vintage swimcap heaven…


Bettyroom2 Bettyroom3

Bettyphoto2 Bettyphoto3

Shoes polaroided with cute hoisery…



Love the intro to the New Etiquette Guide article which reminds us of a few basic rules…


A guide to Leeds…


Meals that Bettettes alternate between; pick n' mix and afternoon tea
Bettycake Bettypick

**EDIT** Charlotte and Hannah are busying away with their 2nd issue which will be out around Sept/Oct time… not just a uni one-off!

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  1. Oh the diabetic cuteness!!!
    I’m downloading the right now.
    Lucy =)

  2. Thank you Susie, I’m sure I’ll love this!
    Eleonor Hardwicks photos are amazing…and she’s still so young!

  3. Oh my, what a beautifully put together magazine. I would be happy to call myself a Bettette (or the male equivalent!).

  4. wow. I actually reported on someone before you did! haha
    not meaning that in a bad way just your always ahead of the game hehe.
    Mary Benson was featured in my uni magazine.. and is stocked in a local boutique Blue Rinse.
    The magazine looks great though!!! 🙂

  5. Fab! I especially love the fashion sketch on the Mary Bension page. And the shoes? Oh, my. Love.

  6. thanks for the tip off, I am now happily flicking through Betty! It’s conjuring up all sorts of fond memories of England in the summer, and making me feel that little bit warmer here in my cold apartment in Bondi! I do rather fancy some pic n mix now though! xxx

  7. The magazine is AMAZING! Am myself a fashion journalism student and wish for my final project to be as fantastic!
    Noticed that the image with girl in pink “flowerpanties” and jeans shirt is kind of a rip off of Corinne Day¬¥s image of Kate Moss. I like it though, and why not use very great ideas.

  8. will Betty magazine be at the Colophon 2011 event!
    Love the magazine here in the office. We went to the We Make Magazine’s lecture in Westminster on Wednesday where Becky Smith the editor of LULU was speaking.
    Great magazines, our blog post reporting can be found at
    we’d love to also hear your thoughts

  9. That rainbow dress is beautiful and this magazine sounds right up my street, can’t wait to read through it!

  10. Wow, I’m looking at this & it’s very impressive. Thanks for tipping us off (even if Laura did discover it first : ) but I hope Betty doesn’t mind the backhanded compliment. I don’t see it as remotely saccharine, to me it seems quite ironic and intelligent and fun: all the things most of us hope we’re doing with our own blogs.
    I’m especially impressed with their mission statement: ‘..we don’t want to play on people’s insecurities: our philosophy is for people to embrace who they are and celebrate it.’
    Sounds like my kind of girls! In which case, I’m definitely a Betty, and proud of it.

  11. Jill, when I said saccharine, I meant the aesthetics of the mag as opposed to the tone…wouldn’t post about it if I thought the writing was all too nicey nicey….

  12. I LOVE Mary Benson! I bought that rainbow dress a few months ago and now it’s almost doubled in price!
    I did a little post about her here:

  13. wait wait wait – stop. Yes, it’s very very very pretty. Visually, it’s perfection. But has anyone actually tried to read this yet? I gave it a fair shot – read it all the way through. Is it me, or are magazines getting visually prettier, but in terms of the actual writing, a lot duller? The ideas were good, but the writing was incredibly clunky.

  14. OMG i just downloaded and read the version and me lovessss it. Do you reckon they’ll be available to buy, so many gorgeous pictures.

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