Inside the Busy Hub

This is my crap picture of Topshop Oxford Circus, one of the world's busiest store…

This is one of photographer Miho Miyachi's images from her new book entitled 'Toppu Shoppu', that's beautifully published by Jane & Jeremy who get involved in all kinds of creative projects..

See the difference?  I love the handsewn cover…


Miyachi, who also happens to be on the editorial board of an amazing photographic bookazine Alaska, has captured the insignificant fleeting moments inside the busy shopping mecca that is Topshop Oxford Cirucs…


A good thing that Miyachi didn't capture the more significant moments in my Topshop Oxford Circus loafting days which include…
… crying in the changing rooms when I received a break-up text message (pathetic…)…
…realising heels could be comfy in their carpeted shoe dept when I was about 16-17…
… queuing up for the first Topshop x Christopher Kane collection and charging in with about six other hardcorers…
… someone rushing up to me and saying "I just wanted to say I so agreed with you about Pam Hogg" and then sprinting off…
… errr…someone asking me to sign their canvas tote… (WTF?)…

Topshopu3 Topshopu4
(Toppu Shoppu available online or Claire de Rouen books in a run of 60)

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  1. I’m not yet convinced that heels can be comfy… A Top Shop Oxford Circus trip is much needed then!

  2. aw im sorry about the breakup text. =(
    haha I probably wouldn’t ask you to sign something, but i would def go up to you and say hello. and take your street style pic.

  3. To be honest I’m not sure why these images deserve a book…they look a bit boring and lose the ‘simple but meaningful moments’ feel as this is all about topshop- empire of fashion consumerism. Bring on the cynical photos!
    Your image is just as good! Add some soft focus and publish your own book 🙂

  4. My first time in Top Shop Oxford Circus a nice lady came up to me and showed me to the VIP section so I didn’t queue for anything or realize it was particularly busy! Only been there once though and according to these pictures maybe I should leave it at that?
    Love your blog=)

  5. aww funny how one shop can be so poignant, i’m heading to london on friday and will definitely take the chance to go in there just because it’s full of such cool people! i might sit in the shoe department and just people watch.

  6. I do love Topshop Oxford Circus if I have the time to browse everything but the Birmingham Bullring store is much more managable…I quite like these shots actually, I’d definitely be interested in seeing more.

  7. Aww its cute how you’ve had such personal experiences there. I’m typically in-and-out of shops if there’s nothing that catches my eye, so I can’t say I have that “bond”, haha.
    I would definitely meticulously inspect every single piece that Topshop had to offer if given the chance, though…

  8. The times I have been in London I always had to go on a Saturday so it was always hell – no good memories there. But when I was reporting on instore events for Topshop at London Fashion Week a few seasons ago, I was talking to the hairdresser James Brown, who’s quite famous apparently. I was asking him to explain the looks he was creating, one of which was a neat chignon which he had then pulled out lots of bits hair to make it really fuzzy and messy. I looked at it and said “Hmm, yes. As if Tippy Hedren had been dragged through a hedge backwards”. He was not amused. I was.
    On the same trip getting to see the shoe cupboard at Topshop HQ was pretty heavenly though!

  9. I dunno, I’m not a Londoner and Topshop Oxford Circus always just seems packed and hot and makes me grumpy. Sounds like you’ve had some… experiences… in there though! Love the pictures, anyway.

  10. I really like the hand sewn cover too! so cool!!!

  11. A breakup text? That is so lame! Looks like Topshop holds some interesting memories for you and probably a lot of other people out there.

  12. whats that with the break up text message and why nobody seems to care? am i interpreting it wrong and its nothing of a big deal? im sorry about it! and i hope it is as irrelevant as everyone seems to see it.

  13. Well, Susie, you are a celebrity. If I ever see you in person, I’d probably ask for a photo with you. 😀
    Sorry about the bad memories in the dressing room…

  14. I went inside the Oxford Circus Topshop while I was at London…it was HECTIC. Never have been in a busier store! Is Topshop a big deal or something over there? Just seemed like a nicer quality F21 to me…
    I love those pictures!
    And fans will be fans…signing a canvas tote is NOT weird! soon you’ll be asked to sign shoes and faces…

  15. I’ve had some moments in the Topshop fitting room too. Honestly, the first time I walked into Topshop at age 16, I nearly threw up. It was overwhelming and wonderful and overwhelming. I felt so starved for affordable fashion in USA it blew my mind. My friend, my sister and I left in a state of shock, our purchases = a lip gloss.
    PS- Agree with you on Pam Hogg too. Bad decision making on their PR dept. part.

  16. I went inside the Oxford Circus Topshop while I was at London…it was HECTIC. Never have been in a busier store! Is Topshop a big deal or something over there? toshiba pa3399u-1bas toshiba pa3465u-1brs

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