Not Just a Label Round 2

I was semi-excited about Not Just a Label's shop launch but even more so now that Diane Pernet has made her selection for the July edition of the e-shop.  Her tastemaking skills are of course evident on her blog but made even more apparent with her selection and actually in some cases, she's surprised me with some of her picks.  The pieces that she has selected for the store is quite well-rounded and varied in aesthetic style… 

Oh and finally, I'm more excited this time round because the pieces truly come alive on models as opposed to still hanging shots…


I was going to select a few more menswear pieces but why bother when this Ethosens shirt (£145) that comes from a collection based around the idea of the 'Gentleman' is clearly the star piece…


I'm also grateful that Diane has selected Aoi Kotsuhiroi's jewellery, whose images and skills have been amazing me but for some reason I never got round to posting about it properly….



Oh, oh… and Style Bubble readers get a 10% when buying something.  Just enter STYLEBUBBLE at checkout… ho ho ho….FIRST time in all three years of this blog that I've broken out with a discount code… I'm such a selfish bastard…

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  1. I may actually take advantage of this code (any excuse to shop) and I love the balloon print on that dress.

  2. Hi Susie! Thanks for telling us all about this e-shop! I got so excited when I say Mich Dulce’s work that I immediately went to the e-shop.
    Bryan Boy actually models this tent bow dress as well! Anyway, blogged a bit about it.
    I’m always your fan.

  3. The voluminous red dress is so beautiful. If only about $600 – 0.10 x $600 = affordable. But I can dream…

  4. Love it! Check out one of Not Just a Label’s fav designers:

  5. that shirt really makes me laugh…this is not really anything to do with this post, but do you know of anywhere online I could get big versions of the chadwick tyler dazed and confused july 09 pictures? I have the magazine but no scanner and would like them on my computer-just so I can make them my background…a geek mission!

  6. Soooo many gorgeous pieces! I love that leather back-detail dress and the toile mini – fabulous post, darling Susie!

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  8. Oh my I’m sold on the toile de joey – have I been flicking through country living or watching repeats of marie anntoinette – its hard to tell but I love toile

  9. Ooh! I need 990pounds for that Gadoufka dress! It is INCREDIBLE! Love the Toile Jouy dress too…so pretty (couldn’t pull it off personally, but the print’s so cute!)

  10. Rozalb de Mura does the most interesting pieces in all cases. I wouldn’t mind spending on them time and time again…

  11. The glove dress is magnificent! And the spine dress reminds me of armor, it’s tough, perhaps it will be the new shoulder pads? I wish πŸ™‚

  12. What a cool outfit. i love those different design even the style was great. i really love the Rozalb damura painted jeans. looks very fashionable. keep posting!

  13. The dresses are great, that spine dress on top. Would also like to wear one of those necklaces to a meeting at work, see whether the suits will react πŸ™‚

  14. Hey! such a nice collection of those gorgeous dress. i love the design even the style was cool. keep posting!

  15. i love the Aoi Kotsuhiroi’s jewellery. i never like things like that. but it’s somehow so heartfelt. it’s incredible.

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