Fleeting Papier


>> HAH!  No sooner do I post something stating I'm on a very short short one-day break, I do a quick check of the inbox and find I could not WAIT to post these images I just discovered, courtesy of Luciano Fileti's behind the scenes coverage of Chanel's spring 2009 paper couture show that takes you on a pretty comprehensive deets journey that few fashion houses can provide (given there are boxes that are labelled with 'Hiver '55-55' etc etc….).  It's a close-up glimpse at those wonderful Katsuya Kamo's headpieces and then some inner-circle workroom shots that shows the team working hard at precise paper cut-outs…          


Bank Holiday Break


>>Apologies for a back-to-back inconsequential piccy post but this was just to drop in and say that today was Bank Holiday Monday in UK, the last one in the year (save for Christmas and Boxing Day) so it was off to Hampton Court we went for the day where I was reunited with my blue floppy hat and where we took the newly acquired vintage brown rucksack on the day trip it so aptly deserves.  As a final postscript to the day as a Brick Lane trader, I broke my self-imposed rule of NOT buying anything with my day's takings (i.e. accumulating more crap after the sale of my old crap…).  No sooner had I packed up for the day, I spotted a guy selling a lot of vintage tan leather goods; bags, luggage and brogues and this rucksack had to be snapped up on the spot.  Currently it's being used in a co-ownership deal between myself and the boyf and also rekindles that pretty special back-to-school feeling that I will never EVER reclaim. 

So this is really just a post to say sorry for lack of posting today but it had to be done before September all kicks off…


You Knew It Was Coming


Come on!  I posted that excerpt from Cheap Chic about wearing a grey sweatshirt everywhere and you DIDN'T expect me to follow suit?  Grey…sweatshirt… soft…marl… it was all too tempting (and blindingly obvious) for me to take Terry Melville's lead and find my grey sweatshirt and quite literally live in it.  I grabbed this in Uniqlo and declared it to be my "long haul flight", "curling up with crappy Philippa Gregory books" and "vegging out with pizza and tea" sweatshirt.  Then of course, I wouldn't really be faithful to Ms. Melville's theory that it can be dressed up, worn out and taken out of its vegging out context.  In light of a recent commentor's criticism over the blog's diversion into personal posts, I would like to somewhat swerve this post's context towards a more informative direction and say that  Uniqlo has once again come up with a neat bargainous basic that I think I'll need in both shades of grey (yes, there are two shades… someone up there is hearing my grey fixation pleas…).  The cuffs and waistband are the perfect thickness and width (as in overly thick…) and there's the classic v-patch at the crewneck.  Granted, uniform shops would also serve people well for this Cheap Chic book tip but at least I don't think they'd come in this particlar shade of grey marl…

Shed the PVC skirt/fringe/stockings/wedges and I'm all set for pizza (preferably the huge rectangular ones from Firezza…)

DSC_2408 DSC_2404
(Yookoo pom pom headbands, vintage fringe skirt, Topshop layered hold-ups, Acne wedges)

DSC_2375 DSC_2376
(Jennifer Loiselle headband, eBay pink PVC skirt, Preen leather trousers, Miu Miu shoes)

The Sarty Flick Through

Unoriginal me isn't going to be the only one who'll be doing flick throughs with The Sartorialist book, which landed on my desk a few days ago.  It is a picture tome, but unlike other picture tomes, it's novel-sized in width and height but thick like a dictionary, making it a little hard to hold down, scan or photograph.  So ensues a predictable quickie video flickthrough, which actually was longer than I had anticipated given that there's 500 pages to go through.  What can't be seen in the flickthrough is the quality of paper/scent of it (both very nice to feel and smell…) and the little excerps of text where Scott Schuman attaches selected anecdotes to images, odes to his favourite subjects to shoot such as Giovanna, Julie, Carine and Eva (all on first names basis of course…), and slightly defensive mini-explanations to some of the criticisms his blog gets…such as only shooting 'fashion' people (he doesn't really, when looking at the breadth of images as a whole…) and shooting people who can afford expensive labels (unfounded by the $5 Prada-esque lab coat guy in Stockholm).  Text-loving me of course would have loved a few more tidbits but images are the name of the streetstyle game and I've already marked out a few for revisiting on a day when the brain is feeling a bit uninspired… 

(Btw, purely accidental that Vimeo has chosen this particular shot of Jefferson and Anouck to freezeframe at… now I'll have a permanent reminder on the blog for a while that I've got work work work to do!)